Our Story

Our story began last year (2014) when Scott House reached out to Marc Gooding and ask for a meeting to discuss an idea he had in developing a first of its kind self-storage franchise.

Marc was contacted because he is a respected self-storage veteran, designed his first self-storage over 25 years ago as a young civil engineer, today he owns several successful self-storage's, is a sought after consultant and a best selling author, writing several books based on the needs in the self-storage industry.

Scott was a franchise veteran, working in the hotel franchise industry for the past 20 years and once he focused in on the self-storage industry he saw similarities between the two.

The hotel industry has benefited greatly from franchising, allowing the little guy to compete with the large operators (Holiday Inn, Marriott, Hilton) and allowed the large operators to expand market share quicker with less capital outlay.

At the meeting Marc confirmed that the self-storage industry is growing quicker than ever and evolving in the ways its doing business today, large Reit’s are innovating in technology and establishing brand identity and therefore pushing the industry to evolve as well.

Scott asked Marc a simple question, would the self-storage industry benefit from franchising? The answer was an resounding Yes! Hence the birth of Storage Authority.

Whether your in the market for dependable self-storage, you own self-storage, or interested in owning self-storage,
Storage Authority is here for you.

Marc Goodin and Scott House
Co-Founders of Storage Authority