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3 Incredible Tax strategies to put more $$$ into your Pocket!

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

by Marc Goodin As Shark Tanks, Kevin Oleary always says it is not only how much you make but how much you get to keep after taxes. Here are 3 great tax strategies to legally transfer money "tax free" from your company to you and your family. I am not a CPA so you must consult with your CPA to further understand the details and IRS requirements of these tax strategies. Often tax options are also related to they type of business entity or corporation you have.

#1 Rent your home to your business for up to 14 days a year. The tax laws allow you to rent your home for 14 days a year and not pay taxes on the income. So if you rent your house for a $1,000 a day that would $14,000 paid to you that you would not pay a penny of tax on. And just as exciting your company gets to write it off as an expense to save further taxes.

Good record-keeping is a must. You need to send an invoice from you to your company. The rental rate needs to be at market rate so you need to contact 2 or 3 local venues and see what they charge for a day's rental. Typically $500 minimum and often much more.

There are many reasonable ways you can use the 14 days from staff meetings, mini-retreats, and my favorite, making social marketing videos.


Everyone’s financial situation is different. Only a professional CPA can help you identify the right course of action for your business and your family.

#2 Pay your kids ages 7 to 18 up to $12,000 a year to work for you. Your kids will not even have to pay income taxes and again the wages will be an expense to your business for further savings. Imagine if your kids made $12,000 a year and half went into their IRA account or college fund. It could be life-changing. And just as important is the life education they will get by working.

My kids learned more by working in our self-storage than they did in college!

It does have to be legitimate work. Here are 20 items that could be part of their work:

1. Work in the office renting units and other daily tasks (if they are old enough)

2. Voice talent for radio/youtube advertising

3. Create or distribute marketing materials and

brochures, etc.

4. Facility Repairs or cleaning the facility.

6. Assist with social media marketing, including

posting on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

7. Competitive research on the internet

8. Solicit and compile customer testimonials

9. Landscaping and yard work including mowing lawn,

weeding or snow shoveling

10. Wash uniforms and towels

11. Assist with office work, pick up business mail, shop for supplies

12. Provide bookkeeping and basic accounting assistance

13. Prepare spreadsheets, review invoices and bank statements, etc.

14. Answering the phone for the business

15. Develop/review and monitor business plan for

practice (for older children in management training)

16. Provide services during legitimate business dinners

or parties (e.g. food prep, setup, decorations.

cleanup, etc)

17. Perform internet research for business-specific


18. Send out birthday cards to clients/customers

19. Prepare and send out newsletters

to customers or prospects

20. Actor or model for advertising.


Everyone’s financial situation is dierent. Only a professional CPA can help you identify the right course of action for your business and your family.

#3 Instead of depreciating your self-storage over the traditional 39 years IRS standard you have a professional prepare a component depreciation schedule so you can significantly depreciate your facility in the early years for more cash flow.


Only a professional CPA can help you identify the right course of action for your business and your family.

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Marc Goodin is the President of Storage Authority Franchising. He owns 3 self-storages he designed, built, and manages. He has been helping others in the self-storage industry for over 25 years. He can be reached at or directly at 860-830-6764 to answer your franchising, development, marketing, sales, and operations questions. His best selling self storage books are available on Amazon.


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