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April 2018 –Advantages of Buying a Self Storage Franchise

April 2018 Newsletter

We had a very productive conference at the National Self Storage Associate conference.  We got to meet with future franchisee’s as well as some of our great vendors that will be providing the most cutting edge technology to our Storage Authority franchise owners.  By partnering with our industry leaders we receive the best rates due to our scalability and we are able to pass along those savings, which provides a tremendous  value to our franchisees.   This would be next to impossible for the single owner to create the same experience for their customer with the most up to date technology at the rates we can pass along to our franchise owners. .

Franchising is the fastest-growing method of conducting business in the world.  Why?  Because it works!

The self-storage industry has recently surpassed the $38 billion annual gross mark, that’s three(3) times the movie industry box office gross.


Franchising works by combining the drive and energy of the entrepreneur with the experience and expertise of the franchisor. In a franchise business, the franchisor provides a developed way of doing business, ongoing guidance, systems and assistance in return for periodic royalties.

Advantages of buying a franchise

  1. Franchises offer the independence of small business ownership supported by the benefits of a big business network.

  2. You don’t necessarily need business experience to run a franchise. Franchisors usually provide the training you need to operate their business model.

  3. Franchises have a higher rate of success than start-up businesses.

  4. You may find it easier to secure finance for a franchise. It may cost less to buy a franchise than start your own business of the same type.

  5. Franchises  have an established reputation and image, proven management and work practices, access to national advertising and ongoing support.

As part of our Dynamic Ease Self Storage Development Series, we help our franchisees around the development landmines, including finding land, designing, financing and building a premier self-storage facility and to understand the options and prepare accordingly. _______________________________________________________________ If you want to learn more about Storage Authority Franchise there is a wealth of information on our website  Don’t forget to check out “Why Storage Authority” and our blog/newsroom. Then the next step is to apply on our website or email or call Garrett Byrd ( or Direct 941-928-1354)

Vendor Highlight

Storage Authority is excited to welcome aboard..Insomniac Live  “The Self Storage Call Center” by Open Tech.  Through better technology and processes, OpenTech is able to serve its call center client base more efficiently, where all calls are handled promptly and professionally by trained Storage Counselors—not ordinary call center employees.

The Strength behind Storage Authority  partnering with a first-class call center like Insomniac Live is there is never a call that goes unanswered.  Reservations, Payments, and facility questions are answered before hours, after hours, and during hours if your manager is assisting a customer in person.

A recent self-storage case study claims that 40% of calls into most storage facilities are not answered (yikes). When you spend a considerable amount of money and energy trying to get phones to ring, the last thing you can afford is for calls to slip through the cracks. After all, every prospective customer is vital to your business. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, our call center services ensure that every time a customer calls your facility, the call is answered promptly by a trained Storage Counselor. Our team is bilingual as well, so you don’t miss out on sales from Spanish speaking customers.

Calls are…1 Answered promptly, usually on the first ring, so you don’t miss any sales opportunities

Answered by industry specialists. Training, industry experience and attitude make all the difference

Answered consistently, so your brand is properly promoted Answered by a bilingual staff, so you don’t miss out on sales or terrific service from Spanish speaking customers

Recorded, so you can listen to each call immediately and rate it for quality

Guaranteed. OpenTech offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Open Techs Metrics for evaluation are fantastic!

They measure call center quality with objective metrics that encompass manager satisfaction ratings, percentage of calls answered within Service Level, reservation percentage, rental conversions, database accuracy, wait times (to the second) and more. If any metric is down, they work on improving it immediately.

OpenTech Alliance, Inc.

Industry News 

The United States is home to 90 percent of the world’s self-storage facilities, or roughly 54,000 of the 60,000 facilities in the world. Self-storage facilities are cheap to build, easy to maintain, and barely require any on-site staff. The self-storage industry withstood — and even thrived — during the recession, according to Bloomberg, and is looking to expand into blighted malls and abandoned department stores. Even though we’re buying less stuff in stores, we’re still buying more. That stuff has to go somewhere.

Self Storage Articles

Despite recessions and demographic shifts, few building types have boomed like self-storage lockers. In fact, they’ve proven to be one of the surest bets in real estate over the last half century, while mallsstarter homes, and even luxury commercial space in big cities, once safe and steady investments, have struggled. Behind the combination locks and roll-up doors lies a $38 billion industry.

Cap rates on self-storage transactions averaged 6.3 percent in the fourth quarter of 2017, down from 6.5 percent the year before, according to RCA.

With Storage Authority on your team, we will help you every single step of the way, from finding land to operations, to driving your revenue year on year.  If you have a question we have the answer, we will help get you developed and lease up faster than if you were to go it alone. Team up with the experts to maximize your profits.


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

          Mark Twain

Although it may scare you to death to begin your own franchise or business, the mere fact that you’re willing to begin to work toward your goals puts you one step ahead of most others. Plus, you can’t finish something until you start, so starting is definitely the key. Click here to Get Pre-Qualified to Begin your Journey to Financial Freedom with Storage Authority Franchising!

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