Grow your Profits

By Barry Gorenstein

How to sell more Boxes and Locks

Did you know the average self storage income for boxes, locks & packing supplies is about $5,000 a month. This can easily be doubled with a little practice. Check out what you sold for each of the last three months and set a new monthly goal for yourself. The first key is to remember to ASK every prospect. If you don't ask you wont get a sale.

Action item 1: Inform every renter or potential renter that it takes an average of 30 boxes to move a typical home.

Action item 2: Ensure all boxes are neatly displayed with professional signs. Replace any sun faded boxes.

It is important to inform your prospective tenants as you are showing units that there are box kits with 3 different sized boxes that we offer along with other necessary tie in's such as packing tape and box cutters.

While showing your prospective tenants 2 different sized units to choose, this is a great opportunity to inform them that they are required to secure their unit at the time of the rental for their own security. Ensure you are informing your tenants that we only sell high quality disc locks for a huge amount of added security.

Show your prospects that you are committed to selling locks with a powerful presentation and be ready with a pair of scissors to open their new lock for them!!

Action item 1: Have a large presentation in your office with our disc locks with professional pricing signs. You should never have low inventory of disc locks. Have scissors handy to open their new lock for them.

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Barry Gorenstein is the Director of Experience with Storage Authority who has a unique background with driving profits in Retail and Self-Storage. Barry is passionate about training leaders to drive their business and is available to provide any assistance. Barry can be reached at 941-312-1964 or