Is Self storage recession proof?

By Barry Gorenstein

Storage Authority Franchise is the only self storage franchise opportunity in the United States. We are finishing a year where we have awarded the most new franchises yet and 2022 is already set to see explosive growth as the industry is outperforming most others year after year.

There was an article recently in Inside Self Storage entitled "Is Self-Storage recession proof? A case for why it might be". One section from the article ( said:

A Stable Product

"The self-storage business model of short-term, month-to-month leases and a fixed-base expense model is setting up investors and owners in this business to outperform those of other commercial sectors. We’ve learned that the ability to raise or reduce rents quickly allows facility operators to outperform the market.

Regular rent increases on the existing tenant base don’t cause tenants to move out. Moreover, the dollar amount of an increase, while small in total dollars ($10 to $50), results in a large jump in revenue. Not to mention, the highly granular base of 200 to 900 tenants per property on average means the impact of price-sensitive customers who do move out isn’t significant to the bottom line."

Our team and I at have decades of experience in the self-storage industry are here to offer a great opportunity to create additional income while building for your future. We are here to support our Franchisees in finding the best locations to be successful and then we help to design your new Self Storage Franchise in the ways to put you in the position to drive income and profits. This is a Real Estate opportunity driven by Self Storage.

Storage Authority Franchise has built a team to support any new Franchisee as you do not need any experience in this industry as we are here to provide that. Our CEO Marc Goodin has written multiple books on what will make you successful such as "Crush your competition" and "Self Storage is your vehicle to wealth".

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Barry Gorenstein is the Director of Experience and is a great resource for operations, training, and more. Barry has over 30 years of experience to go with the decades of experience for our Storage Authority Franchise team.

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