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Pumpkin Patch celebration

By: Barry Gorenstein

The following is an interview which was conducted with one of our star Property Managers and is a recap of this years Storage Authority October Pumpkin Patch Celebration. This is always a tremendous event which is part of our annual marketing as a way to connect with our local communities.

Interview with Storage Authority Coventry Manager

October Pumpkin Patch Celebration 2021

Kim & Monica,

We followed your October Pumpkin Patch Celebration. It was easy to see you had a fun time and were remarkably successful. We appreciate you taking a moment to share your expertise with us.

Question: Of course, everyone wants to know what your October pumpkin giveaway goal was this year, and did you meet your goal?

Answer: Our goal was to giveaway 400 pumpkins by Oct 31st and we met that goal, minus maybe 6 or 7 pumpkins that were given away 11/2.

Question: Did you have any contests as part of your 2021 Pumpkin Patch celebration and how did they go?

Answer: We had a Candy Corn Guessing game with the candy in a mason jar and illustrated slips to be filled out with participant’s information. We partnered with a local business and the prize was a $25 gift certificate to that business. They promoted us by holding a pumpkin painting event and we promoted them by offering the gift certificate as a prize for our contest.

Question: How did you promote on social sites and what sites did you use?

Answer: We promoted on Facebook, Instagram, and Google by posting pics of our pumpkins, our decorations, happy customers and children with the pumpkins (after asking permission), our flyers, we made videos and posted them too.

We also posted our promotion on local town pages on Facebook such as ‘community’ pages.

We also sent out a newsletter that went out to the community and past renters.

Question: In addition to social marketing how did you get the word out to your community about the Pumpkin Patch celebration?

Answer: We visited local businesses and handed out pumpkins, $30 off coupons, and flyers. Many businesses put our flyers up on their windows or doors which helped with visibility.

Question: We noticed you posted great pictures of many visitors. Was that hard often people are shy about having their pictures taken?

Answer: We asked every customer. Some were happy and gave the ok to post online. Others asked us not to post and of course we respected that.

Question: Are there any items you might skip next year or things you plan to do better or add next year?

Answer:I can’t think of anything to skip as what we did was very successful. We are already planning out next year’s event and plan on painting and/or decorating the pumpkins bound for visiting local businesses next year. I also want to make a bigger deal out of giving away candy next year and use that with promoting the pumpkins, something like ‘come Trick or Treat at Storage Authority Coventry.

Question: Do you think this event helped you to be considered the hometown self-storage and a part of the community. And do you believe that will help you get future rentals?

Answer: Yes and yes. A big factor was we participated as a business in our town’s scarecrow contest with a display on the town green and a ‘sister’ display on site. Doing events like that help establish us as a part of the community and increase awareness of our business.

Question: What was the total approx. investment for your 2021 Pumpkin Patch celebration including supplies, contest prizes, and pumpkins. What was your average cost of a pumpkin.

Answer: It was a little over $2.00 per pumpkin and in total for the promotion we spent $1000.

Again, congratulations on your success and thank you very much for your time and your efforts in making the 2021 Storage Authority Pumpkin Patch Celebration a success!

Based in Sarasota, FL Storage Authority is the only Franchise in America's mighty self-storage industry, 39 billion dollars a year in revenues and growing. Our focus is to have premium facilities by providing over-the-top customer service, unconventional PR, and marketing. (The Ritz model vs the motel 6 models). We help busy professionals build a six-figure income and retirement nest egg. Since it began franchising in 2016, Storage Authority has grown to more than 25 franchisees with locations open in Florida, New Jersey, Texas, and Connecticut.

Barry Gorenstein is the Director of Experience and can be reached at or via phone at 941-312-1964.

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