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Quality or Quantity? 3 tips for effective Self Storage Social Media Marketing

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Quality or Quantity? The answer of course is both.

You've got to get your brand out there to the masses, and you've got to stay fresh in your customer's memory bank so that when the occasion comes up that they need storage, you're the first facility they think of. The quick and easy solution: Social Media.

Let me be clear that social media marketing is only one small part of your overall marketing strategy, however it cannot be left to off-the-cuff, haphazard posts. Your social media presence must be carefully curated to represent your brand, your voice, and your story. Here are three tips for effective self storage social media marketing:

  1. Use a variety of social media platforms, and know that they do not all hold the same value. Google My Business, Facebook, and Instagram tend to be the top three platforms for posting, but they are not the only platforms out there. Have you considered Yelp? NextDoor? Four Square? There are many options out there, and without a dedicated Social Media Specialist on your team, it is impossible to utilize them all well, but a thoughtful mix of platforms with quality content is easily achievable. Check out this article on 30 Top Local Social Media Platforms:

  2. Plan ahead for success. Don't leave your social media efforts to the last minute before you close for the day. You've got to plan ahead and create quality content that will accurately represent your brand- colors, voice and story. Put thought into your images- do you need to have a professional photographer out to get high quality images? Do you have customers that you can feature and share their experiences for that personal touch? When you have downtime, add to your collection of content so that when it comes time to post, you have a database to pull from and you aren't making it up on the fly. Notice this screen shot Storage Authority's Instagram profile has a consistent color and feel to the posts.

3. Post quality content often. You've got to stay fresh in people's memory bank because you

never know when an event may prompt the need for self-storage. Posting often ensure that

you are the first place they think of when that need arises. Posting often also ensures that

when a customer checks you out online, they see that you are current, and that helps

establish trust. I don't know about you, but when I see a business hasn't posted in months

or even years, I immediately lose confidence in them.

Bonus tip: Include a call to action in your posts. A call to action can encourage online engagement such as asking for comments, likes, and shares, or can encourage them to stop into your facility like this recent post from a CT facility that asks customers to stop in, sign up for a unit and receive an Amazon card. Wow!

Josh Parker is VP of Technology and Development at Storage Authority. A tech guru with a background in large facility operations and team leadership, Josh is passionate about helping individuals and teams achieve success! He can be reached at, by phone at (942) 275-1340, and can also often be seen visiting local coffee shops across Central Connecticut.


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