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Self Storage Phasing Works

By Garrett Byrd

Phase three is underway at Storage Authority Monmouth Rd.

One of the many models Storage Authority deploys is designing 60,000 -100,000 sq ft of self-storage and developing in phases.

Phasing self-storage construction minimizes the initial investment and allows for unit-mix alterations.

Going to a bank with a loan request for a smaller amount in the first phase can sometimes be better than asking for the whole project upfront. Most banks will approve a loan with a statement that a second phase will be constructed when the occupancy reaches 65-70 percent.

Phasing is a familiar process with lenders in the self-storage industry. It offers flexibility to market changes, minimizes capital exposure, and reduces risk.

Phasing a self-storage development comes with many benefits, including the opportunity to save money; but it doesn’t work in every situation.

A great article on self-storage on Inside Self Storage written by Marc Goodin back in 2020

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