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Shark Tank vs Storage Authority

By Marc Goodin

Who doesn’t like to watch Shark Tank?  They are on their 10thseason so the intrigue and magic continues.  Every once in a while, we watch it with company, and I hear the same thing: We need to come up and idea for Shark Tank.  If only it was that easy.  Your odds of success and the lifestyle you want are much more obtainable with a Storage Authority Franchise than making a deal with the Sharks.

Most people do not realize how brutal it is to make a Shark Tank Presentation.  After spending years of your time and your hard-earned money on your business, you enter a room full of Sharks and typically have your hopes and dreams slammed to the ground.  When you enter the Tank, you have to be silent for 30 sections before you can even talk – pure intimidation staring down by the Sharks. And after your presentation, you are whisked you off to see a psychiatrist to make sure you can handle the Shark’s rejection.   No need to meet with a psychiatrist with Storage Authority.

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Many businesses start and fail long before they would have a shot at shot Shark Tank.  And then even if you are lucky enough to make it on Shark Tank and make a deal, in most cases you will never become a multimillionaire. So, the big difference between Shark Tank and Storage Authority is you can put tons and tons of effort and money into your business and a Shark Tank deal will still be a very long shot.  A Storage Authority Franchise can make you a multi-millionaire and you don’t have to hope for a deal.  It is much easier and more probable to become a self-storage millionaire than a Shark Tank millionaire.  And I know for a fact every year many more people become a millionaire from self storage than from Shark Tank deals.

At Shark Tank you have to find your own idea and learn your craft vs a Storage Authority Franchise where we have a proven business, financial model and provide the systems and experience to make it successful.

At Shark Tank you first have to get is an interview and then only 0.10 percent for the 100,000 people interviewed a year get on the show. Then most on-air deals don’t actually go through.  With Storage Authority there are a couple of qualifying factors to make sure you will be successful, and they are outline on our website and first call with you so can confirm you understand the requirements before you even apply or request more info.

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Did you ever notice how the Sharks want you to quit your job and work full time at the business if they are going to invest in your business?  With a Storage Authority Franchise, you can keep your job and make a great six-figure income from your manager driven self-storage business.  Who can afford to or wants to quit a good job to go work 24/7 for half pay or no pay to see if new “Shark Tank business” will work out?

At Storage Authority we don’t have producers who provide us with inside or personal information via secret earpieces to make the show more interesting.  We just want to get to know you and confirm we are a good fit.  It is important to confirm you are on board with our high-end Ritz marketing vs trying to be the Wal Mart (the lowest price) of self-storage.

Can you believe Kevin O’leary spends $1000a day on food and expects his employees to work on vacation?  The reason most people buy a Storage Authority Franchise is to retire early and work less not more. I don’t spend nearly as much money on food as Kevin does and would not want to be on the road 5 days a week for work like he is. But I do love helping others become successful in self-storage.  You can learn more about my self-storage story here.

Now if you are going to go on Shark Tank or in fact make any business pitch here are 10 things you should know:

Shark Tank certainly makes for good TV but is not a realistic plan to become rich or a good retirement plan. Now that we have established the odds of even getting on Shark Tank, never mind making a good deal, are slim to none,  it is time to stop dreaming of possible Shark Tank business deal and check out Storage Authority Franchise.


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