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Storage Authority Franchise Award Steps 2020

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Storage Authority Franchise Award Steps

“Franchising means being in business for yourself but not by yourself”

The goal of the discovery process is for you to understand Storage Authority Systems, its high end “Ritz” Sales & Marketing, over the top, remarkable hometown customer service and operation philosophies so we can determine if we are a good fit for each other.

While we believe self-storage is the best business for many people, our role is not to convince you self-storage is for you. If you have not done enough research to know if self- storage is for you let us know and we can guide you on how to continue your research.

Basically, we do three main things for you:

1) We help make self-storage easier for you and reduce your risk.

   2) We help you save time and money.

   3) We put franchisees in a position to make more profits and have many other benefits

       they typically would not have on their own.

 Step 1

Continue learning more about Storage Authority by reviewing the materials we provided you and reviewing our website including FAQ’s, About us and our Blog/Newsroom.

Confirm you have the required $500K Minimum to $750K cash equity recommended to be approved for a franchise.

To get more reading material including Marc Goodin’s best selling Self Storage Development book and to talk to a storage Authority Franchise director:

Call or Zoom # 1

Have an introductory conversation with your Storage Authority Franchise Director so we can learn more about each other. And to review the advantages of the 3 main Storage Authority Platforms:

#1 New Development          #2 Operations      #3 Customer Service, Sales, Marketing          

1)  Finding land                     1) Manager Driven      1) Over the top customer service

2)  Planning & Design          2) Automation           2) Remarkable PR

3)  Construction                    3) Scripts                   3) Gorilla Marketing

4)  Pre Opening                     4) Manuals                 4) 50% environment & 50% team

5) Avoid Land Mines            5) One on one            5) Ritz vs Motel 6

If you would like to continue the discovery process the next step after our first call/zoom is for you to complete our application on our website. Apply Icon   Once we approve you, we will send you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) & Franchise Agreement. The FTC requires every Franchise to present an FDD to interested buyers. The FDD provides a wealth of information and specific details about our franchise.

Apply for a franchise on Storage Authority website – Apply now icon

Once approved we will send out the Storage Authority FDD for your review

Call or Zoom # 2

Once you have read the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) we will have a call/zoom conference to review the FDD, finding land and the development process.

Continue Learning

  1. Order self-storage trade magazine at (ISS) and use their search bar to find Self Storage articles of interest to you.

  2. Visit several existing self-storages with a copy of the Storage Authority Competition review checklist so you can better rate them and compare them to Storage

  3. Read our CEO Marc Goodin’s Self-Storage Development

4)    Discuss loan options and requirements with lenders.  Your Franchise director will provide you will lenders that understand Self Storage, Franchising and Storage Authority.

  1. Review materials provided by your Franchise Director.

Call or Zoom # 3

Further review of The Storage Authority Operations, Sales & Marketing philosophies and your questions.

Determine if you are ready to proceed to be a Storage Authority Franchise Owner.

If not let us know if there is any additional information you need to make a decision.

If you are ready, the final steps to getting started are:

1.     Decide if you want to meet with us in Florida.

2.     If we are not going to meet in FL we will overnight the Franchise Agreement for your signature.

3.     Once signed up we will have your Storage Authority kickoff call/zoom that includes:

  1. Summary of the Storage Authority Operations Manual and the multiple Storage Authority Modules.

  2. Using the Storage Authority Dynamic Ease Development Module.

  3. Land requirements, finding land online and offline, self-storage demand.

  4. Building your development team.

or Call Marc Goodin Direct at 860-830-6764


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