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The best books to read if you want to be rich, make money & build wealth? part 1

Since the New year is coming up i know that most people renew their NEW YEAR, NEW ME list and personally one of my top 5 things i target every year is to read more books or make a list of what i want to read. So, i will be posting a few books every now and then that are a good read for building wealth!

This is going to be a game changer for those of you early on in your journey to riches, as it was for me! And although most of what i look for are self-help books, a good portion of my library is filled with those focused on building wealth & a life worth living.

Exposing yourself to valuable ideas, coupled with discipline and perseverance has been the key to the success I’ve seen in life so far.

It’s not about attracting wealth into your life; it is about creating wealth through your actions.

Key Takeaway:

- You can't rely on trading time for money (9-5jobs)

- Building a great product or company that can produce passive income is the quickest way to appreciable wealth.

Key Takeaway:

_ You must see success in your mind before you realize it in real life

- Your circle determines your success; join a mastermind and learn from those ahead of you.

Key Takeaway:

- Excuses don't fix your financial problems, take responsibility and your issues will start to mend.

- Start investing today, you have no time to waste en route to becoming rich.

Stay tuned for part 2 and if you have any book recommendations that you would love to share, please feel free to email me or contact me directly.

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