What's The Industry Saying About Us?

“Marc’s writings reflects his deep, long-time understanding of the industry. As a seasoned owner/operator, he has experienced and practices what works and openly shares the missteps and problems he has witnessed around him. He sums up what it takes in his hands-on, tell-all guide to building a storage business and why and how his franchise concept is the ideal vehicle to storage success.”

Markus Hecker, Chief Client Advocate, SiteLink Software

“Franchising with Storage Authority combines the best of what can make self-storage such a fantastic business: the independence that the successful entrepreneur loves and the proven systems and resources used by the 'big guys', all provided by Storage Authority which will improve revenues, profits and values. The smartest people in our business surround themselves with smart people and Storage Authority combines the true independent spirit with some of the most experienced professionals in our industry to provide affordable and effective policies, programs and procedures. Taking advantage of these combined resources is smart and forward thinking.”

Bob Copper President Self Storage 101

"I am so pleased to be preparing the state specific form rental agreements for all the franchisees of Storage Authority. Once the franchisee has their rental agreement, Storage Authority allows us to work with the franchisees to make the rental agreement and other forms specific to their operations. That kind of support and flexibility is unprecedented in the franchise industry."

Jeffrey Greenberger, esq., Partner at Katz Greenberger & Norton, LLP, Cincinnati, OH www.selfstoragelegal.com

"Supply Side USA is very excited about working with Storage Authority and its Franchisees, including providing a full line of Storage Authority Branded products."

Rob Kaminski, Supply Side USA

“Trachte has long standing relationship with Marc Goodin and looks forward to providing Storage Authority franchises top quality buildings. Storage Authority offers a one of a kind opportunity for developers.”

Steve Hajewski, Trachte Building Systems

"Marc is not just a "franchisor"; he is a long time developer/owner/operator in this very fragmented industry. Experience counts in not only getting started in the right direction, but in maintaining the operating systems necessary to stay competitive in this "bigger is better" world. Our industry is long overdue for a national franchisor to compete against the public REIT's"

Nick Malagisi, National Chair-Self Storage- Sperry Van Ness International.

"Marc is well known in the storage industry for his “ground-up to full-operations” knowledge and expertise. We are pleased that Marc selected Storsmart Insurance for the customer contents insurance solutions at his own sites and we look forward to serving Storage Authority franchisees"

Michael Rhoads - President

"Storage Authority Franchising will provide facility owners the systems, knowledge, technology and competitive edges they need in this competitive market. This will allow the self storage owners the ability to concentrate on what they do best, show their pride of ownership and provide exceptional client service. Marc Goodin has put a great team in place to coordinate all aspects of the self storage business from construction to successful operation. The agents at Hillcrest Agency are pleased to handle the Commercial Insurance for our new franchise partners."

Diane Vizzo, CPCU, Hillcrest Agency, LLC

"When I first heard about the new self storage option, franchising with Storage Authority, I was not sure how it would be received. But I as I talked to many potential self storage developers and watch them give up their self storage dreams I realized there was not a clear path for their success. As we worked with Storage Authority (and their franchise owners) Storage Authority’s understanding of self storage development and ownership and commitment to their Franchise owners was clear. Storage Authority practices what it preaches so they know it works. I am inspired by their dedication to fulfill their franchise owners’ expectations and for them to surpass the competition. There is real gold in their knowledge."

Robert A. Chiti, President and CEO, OpenTech Alliance, Inc