Why Storage Authority?

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We Have The Same Goals

1) Make self storage MUCH much easier for you and reduce your risks.

2) Ultimately our goal is for you to have a life style and growth business we believe is second to none.

3) Help you obtain oversized profits most people would never reach on their own.

Our 3 Tier Platform Makes It Happen

1) New Development

2) Operations

3) Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

New Development

1) Finding land

2) Planning & Design

3) Construction



1) Manager driven system made easy for oversized profits that allows you to keep your career if you choose to.

2) Brand support allows you to profit from the experience & knowledge of Storage Authority team.

3)The best of the old, new & future self storage high tech & high Touch Features – to provide rental prospects with the “just feels right” feeling for more rentals.

Customer Service - Sales – Marketing

Good Customer Service is expected. Exceptional, over the top customer service and Community service makes the difference. Add in unconventional PR and you have a grand slam. It is not gotten from a manual but rather the top down every day. Customer service is not a destination it’s a journey and we pave the way for you and your manager.

Sales is making a friend, friendly show & tell, asking for the sales – over coming concerns – asking for the sale again and renting today. We provide the road map the way for your manager’s rental success! Would you rather rent 9 out of 10 inquiries instead of 3 out of 10? Did you know the average renter checks out several facilities before they rent.

Marketing is keeping eye balls on your facility so when someone needs self storage they think of you and walk in your front door, call you or rent online. We eliminate costly traditional marketing that does not work and replace it with gorilla marketing and unconventional PR so you can “own your 3 miles”.

Together let’s Crush Your Competition with 3 Mile Domination!

Why own a “Storage Authority” Franchise?

The answer is simple: We Own Self-Storages, We Manage Self Storages, We design and build Self-Storages, simply stated we understand you! Our founders have over 50 years of combined experience in both the self-storage and franchise industries.

We understand your business and together we can put more profits in your pocket, while you retain control of your business. Our proprietary “Dynamic Ease” System is revolutionizing the industry! With this manager driven system, we can train your employees to become experts in marketing, customer service and retail sales. We understand how important well-trained employees can increase your bottom line!

We also understand that you developed your self-storage business with your hard earned money and sweat equity. We understand and fully appreciate that you enjoy owning and controlling your facility. We also understand that you may not have the technology, knowledge, sales and the marketing programs needed to bring your business to its full potential.

Owning a Storage Authority franchise will provide you with a unique and proven concept that will empower you with essential resources, that will not only place you on a level playing field with the REITS but will enable you to surpass them as you retain 100% control of your facility. We know that with the right systems, training, support and your hard work, your success is inevitable

Consider this: What if you could realize an increase in profits while still maintaining 100% control of your business? Our proprietary “Dynamic Ease System”, organizational support and brand recognition will not only allow you keep your profits, but enable you to quickly grow them.

Owning a “Storage Authority" Franchise will provide you with the critical brand recognition, knowledge and experience, SEO optimization, sales and marketing, reservation systems and much more that will maximize your Occupancies and your Profits for years to come.
What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different...

Storage Authority provides a compelling offering for the consumer market. With its multiple proprietary systems related directly to serving the Self-Storage industry, including our "Dynamic Ease System", our customer rewards program, excellent customer service, consistency in brand quality assurance programs and our money back guarantee, we provide the best quality of service and value in the industry. When you combine the convenience provided through our storage locations with the cost effective rates our franchisees are able to charge, you have a winning combination!

Franchising Defined

Franchising Defined...

The mutually beneficial relationship that exists between franchisors and franchisees makes franchising unique in the world of business. While franchising does provide opportunities, it does not create Miracles. Franchisees combine knowledge and resources with entrepreneurial drive and spirit to form a business relationship unique to franchising. Franchising is a field of expanding economic opportunity in which each and every person can play a part based on talent, initiative, and dedication.

Our Products And Services

Our Products And Services...

Storage Authority will provide independent operators with the systematic methods and framework from which they can have better-run facilities, increase market exposure, bolster consumer confidence, and grow revenue. The Company will also provide multiple proprietary systems related directly to serving the Self-Storage industry, including its "Dynamic Ease System."