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Storage Authority began in 2016 when self-storage veteran Marc Goodin and Garrett Byrd brought together their considerable talents to develop a first-of-its kind business: self-storage franchise. 

Since then, Storage Authority has become a proven, sophisticated business model that is the only franchise available in America’s mighty self-storage industry --

$39 billion a year in revenues and growing.    

Perhaps you are an experienced business person.  Or perhaps you are a busy professional who wants to make a valuable addition to your investment portfolio and ongoing income stream.  Or perhaps you want to own a business as a new career, as a second income, or as a retirement option.

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Regardless of your situation, Storage Authority helps you channel your energy and enthusiasm.  We surround you with proven learning tools; with detailed guidelines for operations and marketing; and with advice and counsel from a management team that has more than 50 years of experience in self-storage and franchising.

Our Management Team

Marc Goodin, CEO

Marc Goodin


For Marc, developing and marketing of real estate projects is not just a job – it’s a calling.  He learned first-hand about the importance of proper construction and innovative salesmanship while visiting apartment buildings built and owned by his father, starting as early as age 8. 


Today, Marc has almost 40 years of experience as a licensed civil engineer.  This includes being owner and managing partner of Meehan & Goodin, PC from 1986 to 2009 – an engineering and surveying firm based in Manchester, Connecticut.  His clients included a wide variety of companies that are respected national retailers, notably Dunkin Donuts and Walmart.

For more than 30 years, Marc has worked closely with dozens of self-storage owners on all aspects of their facilities, from design and permitting to construction and management.  He and his wife own and operate three self-storage facilities that they designed and built, including one in the Canadian province of New Brunswick.


Marc, who earned his bachelor of science degree in civil engineering at Colorado State University, has authored two best-selling books on self-storage – one focused on development and the other on marketing.  He frequently speaks about self-storage at industry conferences and also authors articles for trade magazines.


While Marc’s contributions to self-storage are impressive, equally important is his passionate and uncompromising devotion to a simple business philosophy: “my job is to make your job easier – by helping to unlock your full business potential.”

Marc takes this philosophy very seriously – and it’s why he looks forward to working with you.    


To discuss the development process, from finding land to construction and more:



Direct: 860-830-6764

Garrett Byrd

Garrett Byrd

Vice President

With more than 20 years of experience in real estate and self-storage management, Garrett is driven by his belief that nothing is impossible.  His style is to break complex challenges into manageable tasks, then to handle the tasks carefully and completely one at a time.


This solution-oriented approach enabled Garrett to repeatedly score significant gains in occupancy, revenue, and profits at self-storage properties he managed.  For example, prior to joining to Storage Authority, while guiding a firm with 14 storage facilities, he grew occupancy at one underperforming location from 63% to 89% in just nine months, enabling the owners to sell this location at a substantial profit. 

On behalf of the same company, he rented approximately 60 units per month during the first six months of operation at a new three-floor facility to achieve 62% occupancy that represented more than $45,000 in monthly income.


Clearly, for Garrett, doing what’s “easy” is not as important as doing what’s “right.”  His goal is to score small victories every day that will add up to big success.     


He earned his degree in communication at the State College of Florida, Manatee / Sarasota, then he sharpened his professional skills in the school of hard knocks, notably becoming a self storage expert in marketing, sales, managing, team building, and customer satisfaction / retention. 

Now Garrett’s high-energy approach of intelligent, innovative, and industry-leading initiatives is helping Storage Authority franchisees like you to build their businesses.       


To discuss operations, sales, marketing, and more: 



Direct: 941-928-1354

Josh Parker

Josh Parker

Technology Director

Today’s high-tech business world moves at the speed of electrons.  Josh uses his sophisticated computer and technology skills to make sure Storage Authority franchisees have access to the latest software and hardware that increase operating efficiency, heighten customer satisfaction, and improve the bottom line.


He earned his bachelor of art degree at Central Connecticut State University and has almost 10 years of experience in developing solutions that empower a business to move in new directions.  His most recent responsibilities were to enhance efficiency of manpower schedules, work orders, and supply management at a 300,000 sq. ft. medical center in Connecticut.

Put simply, Josh knows that effectively managing large facilities means paying attention to small details.  It’s how he is building the technology systems that are building value for our owners.        


To discuss our high-tech / high-touch approach for profitable self-storage – and more:



Direct: 203-213-7438

drew headshot .jpeg

Drew Case

Operations Director

Drew began his career at the ground level of customer service at U-Haul. He worked his way through the ranks as an Assistant Manager, General Manager, Area Field Manager, Certified Manager Trainer, and
regional U-Haul President. The region excelled under his leadership, doubled in size, and 
earned record profits under his tenure.

By knocking on many doors looking for land for new self-storage developments, he knows the importance of finding the right property, and how hard it is. Drew is a leader with extensive experience in opening new facilities and adding new corporate locations.

Drew's laser-focused approach guides locations to get opened, full, and profitable. Drew also uses his development experience to help franchisees find land.

Whether it's New Development, Operations, or Sales & Marketing, Drew excels at working with people to help them find success with Storage Authority.

To discuss operations, finding land, development, and more: 


Direct: 513-582-0125


Kevin Harless

Land & Development Director

Kevin has been instrumental in building ground-up storage facilities and converting large preexisting buildings into premier self-storage facilities, through a keen eye for detail and a mission to create a successful team passionate about building the best self-storage facilities in the business.

He has over 20 years of experience in construction and storage, working with storage owners and directing a storage portfolio of over 15,000 storage rooms.  Kevin has been instrumental in helping to open multiple new storage facilities at U-Haul Co., where he served as Marketing Company President for twelve years.

Kevin learned teamwork early in his life as he worked hand in hand on his grandfather’s and father’s ranch, pitching in wherever necessary to get the work done that needed to be done. Kevin’s Grandfather would tell him, “Folks who say it can’t be done should get out of the way of those who are doin’ it.”

“My goal is to serve those I work with and become business friends.”

To discuss  finding land, development, and more: 


Direct: 254-214-9659

The Storage Authority team looks forward to the opportunity of using our expertise and experience in the self-storage trenches to help you achieve your business objectives.


When may we begin?

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