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Development Services

“Storage Authority”    Development Services

Many franchisees want to take advantage of additional profits by building their own self storage vs. buying an existing self storage. This route also allows new franchisees to get started with less than half the typical cash capital investment.  Development is a complex maze from finding the right parcel of land, banking, site design, building design, obtaining regulatory approvals, construction and pre-opening marketing preparations, with minefields, delays and cost overruns at every turn.

We have you covered with our proprietary
“Dynamic Ease Development Series”
Finding Land Through Pre-Opening Tasks.

This system along with our one on one expertise and guidance helps our franchisees get started faster, go around the minefields, save money and be ready to open with a modern premium facility ready to rent.  Our Strategic Development systems consist of an integrated step by step process where our expertise provides guidance and support throughout the critical land discovery process and development phases.

On the surface many people believe finding land is a matter of the right size parcel, location permitted zoning and a good real estate agent. Nothing is further from the truth. While these items are very important if you do not understand and take into consideration a couple dozen more items like, shape, wetlands, easements, slopes, deed restrictions, available utilities, endangered species, competition, access, traffic, street view, neighborhood, due diligence, option times, banking, permitted lot coverage, required buffers & setbacks your “great parcel” could quickly turn in to a dud or even worse a disaster. Storage Authority's guidance is invaluable in finding and choosing land. Our guidance has also helped many of our franchisees to find land offline.

Often our development systems for any given subject like design, will consist of dozens of written guidelines and even multiple dozens more shared along the way to help you navigate swiftly through the maze and costly traps along the way so you get can get open faster.

Below is a simple outline of the Dynamic Ease Development Series:

“Dynamic Ease Development Series”
Finding Land Through Pre Opening Tasks

Chapter 1 - Introduction

  1. Building Your High-Performance Team

  2. First 30 Days

  3. Development flow charts

  4. Chapter 1 Worksheets

    • Storage Authority Competition Review.

    • Storage Authority Developer Secret Shop Review.

    • Storage Authority Partial Designer and Vendor List

    • Storage Authority Pro – Interfaces

customer service features

Chapter 2 - Land

  1. The Basics of a Good Location

  2. Typical Basic Land Requirements

  3. Hiring a Quality Broker to Assist You with Finding Land

  4. Additional Ways to Find Land, including offline

  5. Initial Land Review Prior to an Offer or Feasibility Study

  6. Making the Offer & Due Diligence

  7. Feasibility Study

  8. Chapter 2 Worksheets

    • Example letter for contacting a land owner.

    • Questions for the first meeting with town
      planner & staff.

    • Individual land parcel info worksheet.

    • Site drive by worksheet.

    • Initial zoning review worksheet.

    • Land offer worksheet.

walk the property

Chapter 3 - Purchasing an Existing Self-Storage Facility

  1. Seven Primary Steps of a Real Estate Transaction.

  2. Investigating an Existing Facility

existing storage and pipeline

Chapter 4 - Banking/Lending

  1. Loan Options

  2. Loan Considerations

  3. Often Over Looked Expenses

  4. Chapter 4 Worksheets

    • Loan request letter & worksheets

banking flow chart for self storage development

Chapter 5 - Design & Regulatory Approvals

  1. Finding Design Consultants

  2. Site Plan Design

  3. Regulatory Meetings

  4. Building Design

  5. Security Design

  6. Video Surveillance Design

  7. Chapter 5 Worksheets

    • Additional Site Plan Design Items to Consider.

    • Additional Building Design Items to Consider.

    • Site Details

why self-storage

Chapter 6 - Bidding and Construction

  1. Finding a Contractor

  2. Construction Specifications & Bidding

  3. Example of Typical Schedule of Payment Categories

  4. Sample General Contractor Bid Addendum

  5. Construction Review

NJ construction

It is an exciting time when the buildings go up!

Chapter 7 - Pre-Opening Preparations, Pre-Opening Checklist & Pre-Opening Marketing Checklist

  1. 120 Days Prior to Opening or Sooner

  2. 30-90 Days Prior to Opening or Sooner

  3. Pre-Opening Marketing 30 – 120 days pre-opening or sooner

  4. Post Opening Component Depreciation Study

  5. Chapter 7 Worksheets:

    • Preopening checklist

    • Unit pricing worksheet

    • First office, site & product order.

    • Component Depreciation Contact Flyer

    • Preopening Sessions with your Franchise Director.

    • Initial Office & Site setup checklist

LOL entrance Notice the door canopy and

 Let’s have a pile of reservations to call and a line ready to rent the day you open!

Of course, an outline cannot begin to do the program justice or explain the value of Storage Authority's experience and guidance. Marc Goodin, our founder, has learned self storage by being in the trenches and is ready to help you.  He is a professional engineer who designed his first self storage over 30 years ago and many more since then, including 3 personal self storages he designed, built, owns and manages.

To learn more about the Storage Authority Dynamic Ease Development Series please give us a call or send us an email.

Marc Goodin, CEO

Contact Marc


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