Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Own a Storage Authority Franchise?

Entrepreneurs who want a solid real estate investment for both income & retirement.

Business Owners & Professionals who want to build a second reliable 6 figure Income.

Families who want a retirement they can count on and a generational business.

Couples who want to have a business where they can work together.

Self Storage Owners ready to take their business to the next profit level and crush the competition.

1. Why should I join the Storage Authority team?

Joining the Storage Authority team gives you the great opportunity to own your own business, but not just any business, a proven business with a low investment, simple operations and where the need and demand is on the rise.

We provide the extras that give you the advantage, including national and regional advertising, training programs, critical business systems, sales and marketing expertise, strategy, technical support and ongoing learning for our owners and their staff and much much more.

We provide facility development assistance, design support, construction guidance and start up expertise support you need.

There has never been a better time to own self storage and align with the tremendous brand power, expertise, systems and knowledge of Storage Authority.

2. How much money do I need to open a Storage Authority Self Storage?

The cost and the initial investment varies depending on the size of the facility, location, unique land costs and improvements required etc. Typically banks and other funding partners are looking for 20% to 30% investment for qualified investors. The minimum cash equity investment to borrow $2M to $4M to start your self storage business is $400 to $500K. Storage Authority has a franchisee match program for Franchisees looking for for a partner. Our Storage Authority Express program is designed for very small projects where the investment can be less.

For a better idea of the construction and capital requirements for your location and facility please contact Storage Authority.

3. What is the process of becoming a Storage Authority Franchisee?

STEP ONE: Start your self storage Investigation.

Determine if self storage is right for you; are ready to own your own business and be your own boss? There are many resources to help you with your research from the Self Storage Associations to the trade magazines. Please contact us if you need assistance

STEP TWO: The Application

You like what you see and want to get started: Complete your Application.


I want to learn more: Complete the Register Your Interest form to learn more about Storage Authority.

STEP THREE: Meet with your Storage Authority Development Agent.

Once your application is reviewed by our Storage Authority team we will contact you to discuss your specific Storage Authority needs.

STEP FOUR: Review the Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD)

Review the Franchise Disclosure Documents & Qualification Package we send you. The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), required by the Federal Trade commission, provides prospective franchisees with information about the Franchisor, the Franchise Systems and other agreements that you will be required to submit.

STEP FIVE: Continue Your Local Research.

Determine the area where you will want to own your self-storage. Determine if that location is viable for future success.

STEP SIX: Prepare a Business Plan & Financial Review.
STEP SEVEN: Sign Franchise Agreement.
STEP EIGHT: Secure your location if not done so and start construction of facility if building.
STEP NINE: Attend training.

Storage Authority provides training prior to opening.

STEP TEN: Celebrate Grand Opening.

4. How much is the franchise fee?

Presently the franchise fee is $35,000. The franchise fee is a bargain, especially when you consider that we are presently waiving our $50,000 fee for our Premium Development Assistance Package, which we believe will often save you many times the franchise fee and will save you time as well.

5. How much are the royalty and advertising / website fees?

The royalty fee is 6% and the advertising / website fee is 2.5%. You will quickly learn with our knowledge, first hand self storage experiences and execution we will help you set your rental rates 10% higher than if you set them on your own, making our services free. We provide your website monthly maintenance and monthly Search Engine optimizations (SEO) as part of the advertising/website fee.

6. How much money will I make?

According to the National Self Storage Association, self storage has been one of the top performing real estate investments for the last 30 years. Our employees, sales people and Development Agents are not permitted to furnish any oral or written information concerning actual or potential sales or profits. Actual results vary from facility to facility and your experience. We cannot estimate the results of any particular franchise. We encourage you to call Storage Authority to learn first hand how Storage Authority will help you maximize your bottom line.

7. Is financing available?

There are a number of approved companies that can provide you with financing. We can help you contact them for more detailed information on their offerings.

8. What is a Franchise Director?

A Franchise Director (or FD) is a representative of the Storage Authority Franchise. Your FD will be your primary contact and will be able to provide support throughout the application process, development process and ongoing operational assistance.

9. Will I receive training?

Absolutely! Training classes are held throughout the year. We have multiple training centers located around North America, with the main training centers located in Sarasota Florida along with Mansfield Connecticut. You will be assigned to a training center based on your location. We may also provide training at your facility.

10. Is there limitations on the type of self storage facility that can become a Storage Authority?

While all Storage Authority facilities will have many of the same themes, colors and branding they each will slightly different depending on land, locations and your needs. Storage Authority facilities are designed to be different. Storage Authority offers you the flexibility to build your Storage Authority facility with a one-of-a-kind personality. Size and configuration approvals will depend on site and location demographics, we want you to build the best Storage Authority facility that matches you local market and your investment goals.

11. Who will build my self storage?

Our Manuals, Dynamic Development Ease Series, and staff will provide minimum design requirements and standards to assist you and your design consultants. While you are responsible for hiring design consultants and a contractor to build your location we will guide you through the process. Learn More There are a number of approved companies that can provide you with design and construction services.