Management Team

As a young engineer Marc designed and permitted his first self-storage facility more than 25 years ago. Since then he has successfully designed and provided self storage consulting for dozens of self storage owners. He built his first self storage over 10 years ago and presently owns 3 self storage facilities he designed, built and manages.

Marc is a licensed Professional Engineer with more than 30 years of experience in Civil Engineering. As owner and managing partner at Meehan & Goodin PC for over 20 years he was responsible for planning, investigations, designs and contract administration for major national and local commercial clients ranging from Dunkin Donuts to Wal-Mart. Marc earned his BS degree in Civil Engineering (1981) from Colorado State University.

Marc designed his first personal facility, pictured here, while still at his Engineering Company. Shortly there after Marc left his engineering company to concentrate full time on Self Storage. After designing many self storage facilities for developers and working with the owners it was evident self storage was a business he would enjoy for the rest of his life.

As owner and managing partner of Meehan & Goodin Engineering & Surveying PC from 1986 to 2009 Marc was not only responsible for the day to day operations but was responsible for the successful design and approval for scores site development plans every year.

As a civil engineer and owner of an engineering company he learned the lifeblood of the company depended on skilled people and marketing, especially if you wanted to be an industry leader. Not only did you have to do an outstanding job but also you had to find a way to let everyone know they get more than their moneys worth when they hire or buy from you.

In 2004 he built his first self storage in Connecticut. He presently owns three self storage he designed, obtained approvals for, general contracted and manages. In 2012 he developed his first international facility in New Brunswick, Canada. Marc is shown here with his wife and business partner GP. His expertise and experience with management, ownership, customer service, sales and marketing in the business world and self storage is clearly evident in his self storage business and writings. Marc has learned about self storage and marketing from real life experiences and his street smarts continue to expand everyday. He knows what it takes to get clients in the door. And keep them happy and satisfied by surprising and delighting them with unexpected over the top service and quality.

Marc has written two bestselling self-storage books, one on self-storage development (Your Self Storage, Site Selection, Design & Construction) and one on self-storage marketing (Crush your Competition, 101 Self Storage Marketing Tips for The Fastest Way To Huge Profits). Marc is a regular contributor of articles for the two national self-storage magazines, Inside Self Storage (ISS) and Mini Storage Messenger (MSN). Recent articles include: 5 Development Disasters Waiting to Happen. Avoid these mishaps through proper research, planning and design, July 2017, ISS, Customer-Centric Sales Techniques, Strategies for Creating Value and Trust, ISS April 2017, Creating A Napkin Sketch Self Storage Layout: Understanding basic Design Feb 2107, Customer-Centric Sales Techniques for Self-Storage Managers, Sept. 2016 ISS, 25 Design and Construction Mistakes Self Storage Owners and Developers Should Avoid, ISS July 2014, The Million Dollar Storage Counter: Tips to Amp Up Service and Revenue, ISS Jan 2014; Winning Approval From The Planning and Zoning Board, Getting through regulations, politics and the presentation to build your dream, ISS Sept. 2013; Guerilla Marketing For The Self Storage Manager, MSN Sept 2013; Standout Self Storage: Don't be Good... Be Remarkable, ISS July 2013.

Marc is uniquely positioned to provide simple, straightforward and effective guidance in achieving industry-leading service and profits in the self-storage Industry. As a self storage consultant over the past several years Marc has shared his expertise and experience in the management, ownership, sales and marketing in both the business world and in self-storage with individual self storage owners one on one, multi facility training seminars and at self storage conferences.

When Marc was adding another building at his New Brunswick self storage facility last year the building erectors were unavailable for 30 days. Instead of waiting he rolled up his sleeves, along with his wife GP, two of their kids and 3 friends, completing the 30 ‘x 150' building in 7 days and having a great time in the process.

Marc Goodin is uniquely positioned to provide unusually simple to implement information you need to make your renters happy and increase your profits. At a very young age he not only learned the importance of a good product but also the importance of a great marketing message and campaign. Long before the Internet he would go to work with dad, a real estate developer. At age eight he cleaned up after the construction workers at his dads apartments under construction and learned the importance of marketing. To this day he still remembers one of his dads marketing campaigns that filled up his dads 300 apartments long before the competition. "Gateway Apartments, where your neighbors are squirrels."

Marc has put his experiences from the trenches into the Storage Authority Franchise with easy to systems and proven concepts for self storage owners, managers to provide the best self storage for the renters. You can reach him on his cell at 860-830-6764.

Scott began his journey at age 18, joining the military "US Air Force" as his family has since World War II. After basic training Scott was chosen to attend the Air Force equivalent on Ranger School and Heavy weapons school. Scott saw his first combat while serving in South West Asia during Operation Desert Storm, Scott was injured during wartime and earned the Meritorious Service Medal. After six years Scott Honorably discharged from the Air Force as Non-Commissioned Officer.

Shortly after Scott was hired by the Federal Justice Department and served as an agent with the Federal Department of Corrections and worked closely with the US Marshall Service. After 4 years, Scott decided that 10 years working for the government was enough and entered civilian life for the first time.

After a short stint in the Insurance industry specializing in hospitality I was given my big opportunity, I was offered a position as a Franchise Territory Developer with the largest Franchise Company in the world, Cendant. I was assigned the position to develop the Wingate Inn Brand on the East Coast of the US. I of course had no idea what I was doing but became a quick leaner, earning Rookie of the Year my first year and Franchise salesman of the Year two out of the remaining five years I worked with Cendant.

After I left Cendant, I consulted inside the Hospitality Industry, assisted in the development of various hotels and frequently spoke at many industry events. Shortly after I agreed to except the position as President of Lexington Hotels and subsidiary of Vantage Hospitality. During my stint at Lexington, I controlled all aspects of Franchise development and back office operations, after five years, I left my position at Lexington and began my current career in real estate brokerage, during the past five years, I have been involved a numerous real estate transactions, court receiverships involving every type of real estate to include Self-Storage.

Scotts primary role is to use his vast franchise and real experience and provide franchise consulting to help insure Storage Authority creates the best working environment for our franchisees and valued employees who support them.

Garrett’s Self Storage Track Record:

Garrett joined the self storage industry in 2009. His previous background was in real estate management. The first facility he managed had the most expensive units in town and the profits and occupancy was plummeting due to the state of our economy. He stayed the course and it was not long before he pushed the occupancy up to the 93 % and revenues to an all-time high.

Next he took the task of overseeing the most underperforming facility in the 14 facility portfolio. When he arrived the occupancy was 63% for an elongated period of time. He started with a facility that provided a culture with the typical clerk/order taker/ standard service operation and reformed it to an over the top customer service approach with a sales and marketing culture that surprised and delighted every customer. His customer centric management style exponentially increased the occupancy and revenue of the facility. The investors took advantage of the fantastic numbers at facility and sold it to the REITs for huge profits.

Garrett’s last project he was managing was a newly built, three story, 600+ units, 70,000 square foot facility. Using his execution skills and secrete sauce he was able increase the occupancy from Zero to 62% in just 6 months, (0 to $45,000+ income/month) before being stolen away by Storage Authority. This is quite an exceptional feat, especially since a new three story competitor opened within a mile down the road during the same time.

Garrett’s Background & Philosophy:

Garrett comes from a background in real estate management before joining the dynamic Self-Storage industry in 2009. He lives in Sarasota FL with his wife and 2 kids. Garrett is a seasoned professional with a proven record of success in business management, team building, marketing and sales with an emphasis on revenue growth and over the top customer satisfaction. Early on he realized the value of over the top customer experience and that if you run your business as a customer centric, first class five-star business, (Think Ritz Hotel) your repeat customers will share your story, which leads to extreme growth and revenues.

Garrett knows first hand, that in addition to having a great product, great management team, great people you need to both execute and have a second to none, sales platform, otherwise you will have a commodity. Simple but many self storages are a commodity; a product that no one cared enough about to market properly. As Garrett likes to remind us “Marketing is a good thing; it creates value by combining stories, design, and care that leads to extremely loyal customers plus oversized profits.

Garrett’s Commitment to You

Garrett’s, passion, over the top customer service and sales comes from experience and from the heart. He is looking forward to sharing his knowledge, passion and execution skills with you, so you can reach your financial goals and dreams.

If you ready to be a part of the most profitable real estate business on planet earth, contact Garrett today for more information about the Storage Authority Franchise opportunity. He can be reached at 941-928- 1354 or garrett@StorageAuthority.com