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Front page news: think Ritz, not motel 6

By Marc Goodin

It's Simple or is it?

Start with the Design?

Treat Customers like Gold

Focus on Property appeal

Be Polite &

Give them what they want!!!!!!

The rest of the story:

To some degree the article was too long for a magazine, To much talk about being sexy, maybe too much story telling? Here is the title and the 3 first paragraphs as submitted to Inside Self Storage.

Be Sexy (Handsome too) for Oversized Profits!

By Marc Goodin

You may think how in the world can self storage be sexy. It is just a bunch of metal that makes up storage boxes. In the end premium, first class, and sexy self storage is not about what’s inside the unit 4 walls but what is outside of the box. Think of hotels. There are over 1400 budget Motel 6’s in the US. I would agree Motel 6 is not sexy. There are around 40 Luxury Ritz Hotels in the US. And I can tell you without a doubt they are very sexy in many ways. If a hotel can be sexy why can’t a self storage be sexy? And based upon the numbers above the more sexy and luxurious you can be the less competition you will have. And of course those premium sexy profits.

There are 3 Ritz hotels in my hometown of Sarasota. I bet there are less than a hand full of cities worldwide that have 3 Ritz Hotels. I walk by the entrance of one of the three on my morning walk every day and the tanned gentleman always waves out to my wife & I, calls us by name and wishes us a wonderful day. That’s a bit sexy. Do you greet all your customers by opening the door for them, call them by name and wish them a wonderful day every time you see them? The Ritz has regular training for their staff, do you?

When I walk the beach in front of my home I love to walk by the Ritz Beach Resort. The beach chairs and mini drink tables are lined up perfectly in two rows with umbrellas and towels in place. Drinks are hand-delivered to everyone sitting on the beach, I bet that would make you feel sexy, or at least put a smile on your face. Is your self-storage spic and span to perfection? And on the hot summer days do you hand-deliver water and soda to the people at their units? Day in and day out the Ritz clients are treated like gold. Our average self storage customer is worth over $2000 in income. Why not treat our self storage customers like gold? Is gold sexy?

As you can see quite a bit different then the ISS article. If you want to get a full copy of the article as written for a couple of extra tips or additional inspiration let me know by sending me an email at

One more thing-

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