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Is SElf Storage for you test. Four Questions will provide the Answer

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

By Marc Goodin

Is Self Storage For You Test?

Question1) Are you a 1 percenter and ready to own your own business? Yes or No?

Question 2) Do you agree with this statement? Yes or No?

Millionaires have been made by all three options at Mc Donald’s and Self Storage.

Question 3) Is number 3 your choice?

Question 4) Are you ready to invest $750,000 cash and borrow $5MM to own a Storage Authority Franchise and work 5 hours extra every week to make your business successful and make your dreams come true? Yes or No?

If you answered yes to all 4 questions Self Storage is your Wealth Vehicle. If you had 2 yes’s don’t waist your time self storage is not for you. If you had 3 yes’s you need to find a way to make it to 4 yes’s. it is not impossible.

Personal Story

Before I even finished construction on my first self-storage facility I had well over 100 people tell me they were planning on building a self storage in town. Since that time, back in 2007, I had thousands more people (friends, coworkers, contractors, acquaintances, and even strangers) tell me that I beat them to the punch. Now, many years later, not one of them has built a self-storage and I built and own three facilities. Why? It is simple. One day I said yes and took the first step. I know in the beginning it is going to require a leap of faith, but with one step at a time you will make it happen. If you have a dream and take action, the facts don’t count. Make a decision, get started, and enjoy the journey.

We would love to be a part of your High-Performance Team!

Catch Your Dreams!

To Your Self Storage Success!

Marc Goodin,


Storage Authority

cell: 860-830-6764


If you have any questions send me an email, (sincerely) I would love to help out. If you can’t wait for an email response here is my cell phone 860-830-6764


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