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More Storage, Less Stress-The Manager Driven System

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Often our customers are in transition, and often times transition=stress. This can be financial, renting a moving truck, tight timelines, and a whole slew of other stressful details. The good news, is that renting a self storage unit does not have to be stressful, and in fact, the last thing a Storage Authority Manager wants to do is add to a customer's stress.

Our Manger Driven System puts the Manager at the center of the customer experience because we believe so strongly in building customer trust and ensuring satisfaction. Our system consists of on-going guidance and dynamic tools designed to aid each Manger in successfully building long lasting customer trust, engagement and satisfaction.

Here's just a sample of 5 things our Manager's do to make renting with Storage Authority easy and stress free.

  1. We open the door for every customer.

It is a simple gesture, but it is one that has a lasting impression, and it tells our customers from that very first interaction, we are there to help, and will go above and beyond every day to earn their business.

2. We use scripts.

It's true. Every conversation on the phone, or in the office is based on well developed and dynamic scripts that are designed with efficiency, detail, and the customer in mind. This prevents confusion, mixed messages, missed communication, and stress.

3. We check your gate code.

The last thing we want is for a new customer come to the facility, put in their gate code, and be left sitting waiting for a gate that will never open all because the code doesn't work. To be clear, I've never had a code not work, but Murphy's law tells us that the one time I don't test a gate code will be the one time it doesn't work! We also want to be sure that every customer knows with confidence how to use the gate system sot hat there is no stress when they visit.

4. We double check the unit for cleanliness.

Another small gesture, but we check every unit when it is rented to make sure it is clean and ready for you. Sure they were already cleaned thoroughly when the previous tenant moved out, but we never want to take that for granted, so we check again before you put a single box into the unit and we bring a broom with us, just in case.

5. We offer rentals and payments in three different ways.

We'd love to see every customer- open their door, invite them in, and give them a cup of coffee and candy from our bowl- but sometimes a customer just does not have the time for that. Life is busy, we get that. To help make the most of our customer's valuable time, we have three ways to rent or pay: in person in our office, over the phone, or online.

The proof is in the pudding. Take a look at a couple of these customer reviews- and there are SO many more to choose from that tell time and time again how our Manager's go above and beyond for each and every customer.


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