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Over 150 self storage development tips by Marc Goodin

Updated: May 8, 2021

Your Self Storage

Planning - Site Selection - Design - Build

Over 150 proven ideas to save you time and money and make you a success!

By Marc Goodin

Fourth Edition

Updated & Revised 2021

If your looking to get started in self storage and you do not have this book in your arsenal you need to order today. It has been updated for 2021 and we are giving it away to the self storage world for only $3.49. Order on amazon or

This one book will reduce your risks, save you time and money and set you up for oversized profits when you open. Or maybe do you a huge favor and help you decide self storage is not for you. I am so sure you will be happy you read this book I will refund the purchase price if it was not worth a 100 times the purchase price. Simply email me for a refund - no questions asked.

Here is the table of contents so you can see all it covers all the bases.

Table of Contents

Title Page

Copyright Page

About the Author

Author's Offer

Forward by Scott House

Chapter 1 Bottom Line: Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Future?

Chapter 2 Fun Self Storage Facts

Chapter 3 Start Today

Twelve things you can do now to get off to a fast start.

Chapter 4 Why New Construction vs. Buying Existing Facilities

Chapter 5 Why Self Storage Now? – The 8 Top Reasons

Chapter 6 The Seven Most Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 7 Sample Development Budget & Proforma

Chapter 8 Site Selection

Ten factors to help you make a better site selection.

Chapter 9 Site Plan Design

Thirty-four items you don’t want to forget during the design process for a better, more profitable facility.

Chapter 10 Site Plan Regulatory Approvals

Seven items you do not want to forget to bring to your Wetlands Commission meeting, for a faster approval.

Plus, ten items you don’t want to forget to bring to your Planning and Zoning Commission meetings, which can make a huge difference.

Chapter 11 Self Storage Construction

Twenty-seven items you want to remember during the construction process to save you time and money.

Chapter 12 Nine Development/Start Up Fees Often Underestimated or Forgotten

Nine development/start up fees you may not be aware of.

Chapter 13 A Dozen Things No One Else Is Going to Tell You

Chapter 14 Important Things You Need To Know and Complete To Get Ready For Your Opening.

Sixteen simple items that make an enormous difference.

Chapter 15 Start Your Sales & Marketing Long Before You Open

Twenty marketing ideas to implement prior to opening the doors for a faster rent-up period.

Chapter 16 How Many Hours Does an Owner Have to Assist Their Manager for Maximum Profits?

Storage Authority Bonus Chapters: 17 -20

Chapter 17 Storage Authority the Perfect Business for The Busy Professional

Chapter 18 Does Storage Authority Have Any Competition? No!

Chapter 19 Storage Authority FAQ’s


Start Developing Yours Today.

Order on amazon or today!

Now is one of the best times to get started in the self storage business. Rental occupancy's and rental rates are at all time highs! If you would like too learn more email or give me a call at 860-830-6764.


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