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** Press Release** the storage authority existing facility offer calculator is here!

By: Kevin Harless

Exciting announcement from Storage Authority Franchises!

Get ready to streamline your offer process with our groundbreaking:

Existing Self-Storage Facility Offer Calculator

With just the Annual Gross Revenue from the existing owner, you can swiftly generate a fast offer estimate.

Picture this: during your very first conversation with the owner, you can impress them with your serious intent and expedite the offer process. Plus, with the flexibility to adjust the cap rate, you can input the rate you desire, putting you in control of your offer estimate.

Say goodbye to lengthy negotiations and hello to efficiency with Storage Authority's game-changing calculator!

Call us today to learn more about Storage Authority Franchise and all the great tools we have to help you become a self-storage owner!

Kevin Harless is Development Director with Storage Authority Franchise, he is a resident of Dallas, Texas where he has spent the last fifteen years of his career in self-storage construction, management, and acquisition. Contact Kevin at or on Linkedin at, or read more of Kevin’s articles and blogs at


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