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Unconventional self storage PR or Bust

What is the best way to make over the top profits? Hint - not more paid ads, not more social sites or spending more money - everyone is doing that.You have to be find ways of being more unconventional to get people to look your ways and then connect with them. Lets look as some unconventional PR.

When I sugested we should paint self storage units on the bland looking building on the property next to our self storage evryone said no way - never happen or why?. Well now for 10 years it has been helping us attract tenants. I painted the doors and then handed it off to a local artist to paint the details. We cleaned up an eye sore and had a couple of great articles in the paper as well.

We made up over a dozen small ground signs and we swirtch them up 20 time a year too keep traffic looking our way. We actually get thank you calls every year when we put up our Congrats CHS Seniors at graduation time.

How about screaming from the tree tops how good you are!

And then back it up with actions and the best Guarantee in the business!

How about a table at your local bank. - Thats a lot of new people you checking you out for a couple of weeks every year!

Hand outs when you visit the the local comunity weekly to say hi. Don't forget to get everyone's email to add them to your newsletter list.

Sandwich boards work - need to change them up every week.

Everyone thinks finding self storage land and building a facility is the hard part until they open. And find out it takes non stop unconventional PR, guerilla marketing, over the top customer service for premium profits - not spending $$ on another add or social post.

Unless you are a Ford Dealer having flag this tall is unconventional for a self storage. This Storage Authority Mulberry FL facility has been open for just under two years - rents over 90 units a month, has reached $100K income a month and is about to be sold in the $14,000,000 range. Unconventional pays well.

Using a self directed 401K for your self storage may seem unconventional to some but sounds very reasonable to us.

The neighborhood thought it was a bit unconventional when I had 2 tractor trailer loads of rocks dropped off. But we won first place in town fo the best landscaping! You can hardy see the rocks with all the flowers now, at least from this angle

Having some unconventional features like a unit in your facility or a tile wall behind your wood desk smell like luxury and a premium brand.

One of my all time favorite unconventional PR marketing is planting hundreds and hundreds of daffodils. First they look amazing every spring at the peak of the rental season. Then we hand a couple out to every visitor! Wow nothing better than putting a big smile on guests faces!

If you are ready to learn how you can get the guidance day in and day out from a Storage Authority Franchise click here.


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