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August 2019 – Self Storage – Where is the best place to build?

Storage Authority® News

We now are coast to coast!  Welcome and congratulations to Armani & Vanessa, new franchise owners from San Diego, CA.

In case you missed our updated Storage Authority photo gallery don’t forget to check it our here.

It all starts with a decision.  The rest is easy. We have the road map ready to go for you.


As part of our Dynamic Ease Self Storage Development Series, we help our franchisees around the development landmines, including finding land, designing, obtaining approvals, financing and building a premier self-storage facility.

Learn more at Or email or call Garrett Byrd or Direct 941-928-1354

Where is the best place to build?

We get this question a lot.  The best place for most people to build is right in their own back yard, often around the corner and always less than an hour from home.  The grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence but there is no magical location.  Anyone you talk to from any major city will tell you they see new self-storage being built.  Self-storage is like no other business in the fact it is a very local nitch business.  Often 85% of the renters come from within three miles of the facility

But if you had to choose, in general, I would rather choose an area where the population is expanding as an increasing population can correct a poor decision.

And now with Google and programs like Radius Plus it is much easier to see gaps in the market and areas with too much self-storage.  Here is how you can do your own Mini Demand Study.

How do I know if my market is overbuilt?

Again given that  1-3 mile business self-storage is a very local nitch business  “Overbuilt” can be a very generalization of a given city.  While Houston and Dallas have much more self-storage than many other cities and as such could be considered overbuilt.  But as we have experienced with newly opened Storage Authority Walters Rd in Houston TX there are still opportunities in Houston, it just takes longer to find the land.

Now there are several online services that provide the demographics and existing square footage of self-storage, that tells us the existing square foot of self-storage per person for a given radius.  So we can check out a specific address or move a 3-mile radius map around and see where more demand is needed.  Many experts like to locate areas where the existing sf of self-storage, including your project and pipeline project, is at or lower than the national average of 7 to 8 sf of self-storage per person in 3 miles.  Need a Feasibility contact Bob Copper a self-storage feasibility expert from Self Storage 101

How is Storage Authority Better than Shark Tank?

Glad you asked!

To get on Shark tank and make a deal you have to get lucky – not so with Storage Authority.

At Shark Tank not only do you have to think of a great business you have to prove it works.  Self Storage has already been proven to be the best real estate business for many people.

At Shark Tank, you get smart business people to help you but they may not even know your business.  At Storage Authority you get experts in business and Self Storage to help you.

If you get an investor at Shark Tank you are lucky if you get to talk to them once a month.  At Storage Authority we are ready to help you every day.

Get the whole story here:  Shark Tank vs Storage Authority

Do You Have Self Storage Questions?

We would be happy to answer them.

For development questions email

For operations and marketing questions email

Storage Authority Vendor Updates

We are in discussions with a very large international Real Estate firm to help Franchisees find locations to build.  What makes this a good fit is the firm has many US locations so they have boots on the ground in many locations.  We should have details and have them working with us in the next couple of weeks – will keep you posted.

We are having great success with vendor partner Review Tracker to help us to get leads and respond to leads.  Did you know that 25% of your website SEO is from reviews on your website Plus we are hearing directly from customers they chose our locations because of the great reviews?

Things we love to do besides self-storage.

I am all for hiring experts but if I have the time I love to do outside projects.  Our latest do it your self project is our patio and fire pit at our Rivers Edge Cottage. it was a good 7-day project that I took 2 months to complete.  Not in a rush since my wife GP and Her brother will be completing the inside in the next couple of months.

Picture 1 – Existing sloped landed with an old broken concrete pad. Picture 2 – Gravel delivered to make a level pad Picture 3 – Had to build a short retaining wall due to the slope of the land. Picture 4 – All level and compacted and ready for base and pavers. Picture 5 – Pavers in except for some that need cutting. Fire Pit next!

What would you do with more time & money?

What’s holding you back?  You can do it!  You deserve it!

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” – Conrad Hilton, Founder, Hilton Hotels


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