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Empty To Full in 180 Days!

By Jim Breunig - Storage Authority Franchise Director

Once the ball starts rolling, you will not have the time to get it right. We go through a list of over a hundred items with each franchise owner to make sure that every Storage Authority facility stands out above the rest. If you are not ready to make you facility the "premier facility" people love to rent at it will be much harder to get premium rental rates and, in most cases, will take longer to reach stabilization.

Here are a couple of our favorite areas to focus on:

Property: High quality eye catching signage, lots of windows, 30-foot high US flag with a spot light, bright colored feather flags and bandit signs, onsite commercial vacuum, super easy access (wider drive and larger pavement radius) and Gate opens via your phone, so you don't have to reach out the window to keypad.

Office: Modern professional office that is user friendly for the customers and staff,10 x 20 show unit in the office, well lit high end merchandise area, coffee bar, 3- 50" monitors in the office & music in hallways.

Operations: High quality functional and easy to use website for online reservations, rentals and payments, Automated emails & text for invoices and past due rent, automated CRM for new tenants, prospects and moved out accounts, simple 3rd party notifications/process for online auctions, detailed high tech and high touch managers manuals.

Sales & Marketing: 14 profit center scripts to deliver above average sales conversions, 52 weeks of guerrilla marketing planned, marketing plan with monthly budget to include Google My Business, PPC and Social Media, all wrapped in a bow with a detailed high tech and high touch managers marketing manual.

These are just a few of our favorite area's we help our franchisee's prep, if you would like to learn more please reach out to me anytime to discuss how are systems could be the right choice for your next investment., or by phone, 941-312-1964

Happy Renting!

Jim Breunig is a franchise director at Storage Authority. His passion and focus is helping new and existing franchisees in the area's of operations, sales, and marketing. Jim has over 15 years of experience in the self storage industry working with some of the largest REIT's and Privately held organizations in the business. Jim is excited to share his knowledge and is available at, or by phone, 941-312-1964 to answer any questions you may have, or to share the Storage Authority Franchise opportunity and advantages with you.


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