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Find land in 4 months for your self-storage project.

By Marc Goodin

Storage Authority is so different than a management company or any other team out there to help you become wealthy via self storage. Nobody puts in the time as we do to help you. And few if anyone have the experience we have from the trenches to help you succeed!

We just had a Franchise seminar on how to Find Land in 4 Months. One key is it does take a written game plan and a great team. There are only a half dozen things that are different from finding land in 4 months compared to finding land in a year. It is really more work and stress to find land in a year than 4 months.

Finding Land in four months will take work but by working smart by taking advantage of proven systems and the expertise of your team it is very possible.

Finding land in 4 months is not the same as our Let's Find Land!!! Seminar which goes into the 4 main ways to find land and evaluate land. And provides the 30 best tasks for each of the ways to find land.

Finding land in 4 months is not the same as our Development 2023 Seminar which goes into how the 2023 interest rates and construction cost impact finding land and developing. And various ways to reduce these impacts.

Finding land in 4 months is not the same as our How to Save $500,000 Plus in Land and Development Costs seminar. Saving $500,000 never goes out of style.

You can do it!!!! We are on your side! Let's talk.

Do you want to have a 15-minute call to learn how Storage Authority helps improve the systems, sales, marketing, and profits at your existing facility? If you are building from the ground up let's also review how we help you find land and provide the guidance you need to get your facility designed, approved, and built. Please send me an email or call me – no appointment is needed:

Get more information on Storage Authority Franchise at

Marc Goodin is the President of Storage Authority Franchising. He owns 3 self-storages he designed, built, and manages. He has been helping others in the self-storage industry for over 25 years. He can be reached at or directly at 860-830-6764 to answer your franchising, development, marketing, sales, and operations questions. His best-selling self-storage books are available on Amazon.


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