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How My Secret Shop Experience Changed My Perspective On Storage Franchising!

By Judith Abraham

As a new and proud member of the Storage Authority team, I joined the team with a wide range of experience and background in construction projects, developing businesses and a dash of marketing; but one thing I did not really grasp until now is how expert franchise services can impact your business and how to have the upper hand on your competitors even before your grand opening!

To learn more about storage authority I was asked to partake in the secret shop scoring and contacted our storage facilities as well as our competitors, the results were definitely shocking!

Managers Secret Shop Scoring:

Storage Authority scored between 90-100%

Competitors scored between 30-65%

Globally, 96% of consumers say customer service is an important factor in their choice of brand loyalty. A customer’s choice to stay loyal or not can quickly spread to other customers. After a poor customer service experience, 4 out of 10 consumers will tell friends and family not to frequent that business.

No matter your industry, if your customer experience disappoints, your competition will swoop in and steal your customers away. As a business executive, you can’t be at your store 24/7 (especially if it’s a franchise), listen to every phone call or watch every online chat interaction. With Storage Authority’s years of experience, we not only help during the development process, but we foresee problems you may have never realized will exist in your business.

With our training manuals and our 14 profit scripts you and your managers will be ready with service and product knowledge, ability and willingness to assist, and measure how to handle objections, issues or complaints.

Eliminating the bad and promoting the good will improve your franchise into a successful business and make all the difference in your customer services and lucrative income ahead.

Here are some of the questions on our secret shop scoring list:

1. Thank you for choosing us, how can I help you?

2. Call the customer by name 3 times.

3. How did you hear about us?

4. Present our Guarantees?

5. When do you need your unit?

6. “Do you know what size you need, or can I help you with that?”

7. Recommend a size for the customer and ask if that sounds about, right?

Give the price of the unit, one-time admin fee, and we do require insurance.

8. Overcome their objections and ask for rental again.

9. Not Ready to Rent? ask for a reservation.

10. No Reservation add name& phone number to Lead to lease and call back the next day.


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