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How we celebrate HALLOWEEN at Storage Authority!

Since Halloween is right around the corner, what better way to use your marketing platforms to get creative? Even in the Storage business, there are many ways to attract new clients and build a great sense of community for your business, here are a few tips and tricks you could use for the self-storage business this Halloween season.

Themed Reception and Entryway

Transform your reception and entry area into a memorable theme whether it's a little spooky or just cute and funny it will attract clients driving down and probably attract the kids too!

Themed storage unit

If you have a few empty units, why not use them for themes? Maybe even use the unit that is closest to the office? Choose a theme and go all out with it! A ghost theme, a zombie theme, a clown theme, etc... People would be interested in stopping by just to check it out.

Give Back to the Community

As many have heard this before, giving out free pumpkins would be a great idea for both kids and adults, or throwing a charity drive with a few free giveaways for people in the community. Try and collect costumes for kids and teens and offer a giveaway for others in need. Or you could always partner with an organization near you that has a popular following and blends well with the morals of your business.

Participate in the Dress Up

Encourage your manager to dress up for the month of October. When your manager gets in the mood, it makes the atmosphere more festive. They don’t need to dress up every day or wear a full costume but appealing to Halloween with their wardrobe will draw attention to your business.

Host a Contest

Aside from a costume contest, you can host another one not affiliated with a party. There are limitless options you can choose from. Consider hosting a pumpkin carving contest or a fall-flavored pie contest. Any of these ideas would really not cost your business anything but create a sense of community around your area.

Welcome, Trick-or-Treaters

Since most of our facilities have candy bowls set up and our hospitality is shown around the clock, adding a sign to welcome trick-or-treaters only makes it a little sweeter!

Everyone loves Chocolate or Candy so offer candy to whoever enters your establishment. You can do this every day until Halloween. It’s one of the most effective and easiest marketing options.

Post on social media

Make a weekly post on social media of a different Halloween fun fact and let others know you are welcoming trick-or-treaters all month long and inform everyone about your giveaways.

Throw a Party

Everyone loves a costume party! Take this as a sign to host one. Tell everyone who enters your establishment about the costume and offer a special prize for the best-dressed attendee.

Plan for the party towards the end of the month, but not on the actual date of Halloween.

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