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My Secret Shop Journey…

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

I have continued my secret shop journey this month and decided to visit 6 facilities in person.

What I found was shocking and I had to compare it to what Storage Authority does.

My 1st and main issue with other storage facilities was how dirty they are, sadly I wouldn't even store shoes in some of those facilities!

Here at Storage Authority, we understand that storages get dirty for many reasons, construction work, moving trucks… However, our managers clean the units every 6 months to make sure it stays presentable to our clients.

2nd was door gaps and air gaps where birds could easily fly in due to their construction, which in the long run will create lots of problems with stored items in those units.

So my questions to you are… Are your managers following our system and walking people to the unit with the broom to casually sweep it out for them?

Are you opening all the units in the summer and airing them out and sweeping all the units to make sure they are in the best condition possible?

I was really impressed with one manager although the facility wasn't appealing, she was very friendly and did her best to keep the conversation flowing and even called me back after a few days, that's why here at Storage Authority we take clients out on a site walk and make small talk and have a friendly conversation because it will make all the difference.

No matter your industry, if your customer experience disappoints, your competition will swoop in and steal your customers away.

With Storage Authority’s years of experience, we foresee problems you may have never realized will exist in your business.

With our training manuals and our 14 profit scripts, you and your managers will be ready with service and product knowledge, ability, and willingness to assist and measure how to handle objections, issues, or complaints.

Judith Abraham, MBA/ MS Harvard University

Development Guidance Director

Storage Authority, LLC

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