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My Secret Shop Journey Continues…

I have continued my secret shop journey this month and decided to visit 8 facilities in person. I keep finding underestimations and missteps at other facilities whereas at storage authority we make sure we avoid.

As I've talked about the importance of good customer service before, and how at storage authority we make sure we excel at it, we make sure our customer service is proactive and we implement changes in the workplace that lead to success and at the same time support teams emotionally, it helps you keep up with the competition and helps you build better relationships, provide long-term value and create brand advocates.

One of the facilities i visited, had me impressed by their manager and by the cleanliness of the facility, however the manager had to close the office and walk me back to the storage units to show me a 10x20, and when we came back there were 3 different clients waiting at the door of the office with one client ready to walk away.

At Storage Authority what we do is great and so important, because we put a 10x20 in every office to show our walk-in clients the size right then and there. That alone makes it easier for one manager to handle new clients wanting to see unit sizes as well as any walk-in clients and minimize any risk of losing a potential walk-in client.

According to a Salesforce research released last year, 73% of customers report that if they experience one extraordinary experience with one company, the same experience is expected for all companies that they will interact with. No business can survive with unhappy customers and high churn rates. So, it is important to prioritize increasing customer satisfaction, that is why at Storage Authority that is what we focus on!

Judith Abraham, MBA/ MS Harvard University

Development Guidance Director

Storage Authority, LLC

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