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retrofitting for value add

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

by Josh Parker

Recently I oversaw the retrofitting of two replacement access systems at local storage facilities here in CT. Both systems were outdated with a myriad of issues ranging from unresponsive keypads, lags, broken door strikes, software issues, power issues, and damage from lightning strikes.

The new system installed is a significant upgrade in technology, quality of the keypads and intercoms, and both customer and operator user experience.

We opted for a system that allows for remote access, and has a convenient app that allows for handsfree access for our customers. Not only is the app convenient, but it is impressive and a great selling feature that shows the quality product we are delivering. Let's face it, our product (storage units) is not all that impressive on it's own- so having awesome features like an app that opens the gate as soon as you drive up to it, just by having the app installed on your phone- that is huge value.

Long term customers who may have experienced frustration with the outgoing system have expressed how impressed and pleased they are with the new system as well. Just the other day a customer said that it shows we really care when we invest in upgrades to the site. Another customer said they loved the bright yellow new color of keypads and how easy the led displays are to read compared to the old ones.

All systems have a "shelf life" and it is important to plan ahead. It is an investment to upgrade any system at a facility, however many upgrades are worth it when you can see the value add. With proper planning and budgeting, it doesn't have to sting quite so bad when the quotes come in either!

Speaking of quotes- we requested quotes from several installers all with the same design and product specs, and I was surprised to see big discrepancies for cost of install, even when the product costs were the same. It pays to do your homework to avoid both overpaying, and poor quality workmanship.

Ask for recommendations from the equipment provider, and do some research on the installer. Google reviews can be very revealing!

If you want to learn more about a Storage Authority Franchise you can request it here or give me a call.

Josh Parker is VP of Technology and Development at Storage Authority. A tech guru with a background in large facility operations and team leadership, Josh is passionate about helping individuals and teams achieve success! He can be reached at, by phone at (942) 275-1340, and can also often be seen visiting local coffee shops across Central Connecticut.


Marc Goodin
Marc Goodin
Mar 27, 2022


Marc Goodin
Marc Goodin
Mar 27, 2022

And if you put a $4.99/month price tag on the Storage Genie and then give free with every rental the value goes up considerable!

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