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Self Storage Development, News, & Profits November 2020 Newsletter

by Josh Parker Issue # 40

A Grand Opening! And Other BIG Storage Authority Announcements

We are thrilled to announce Storage Authority Land O’ Lakes, opened this past week! It is 61,220 square feet of primarily climate control self storage. The property is located at 6276 Land O’ Lakes Blvd (US Route 41) Land O’ Lakes, Florida. Check them out!

Phase 2 Grand Opening

Storage Authority Mulberry just completed phase 2 construction consisting of an additional 18,900 sf bringing the total facility to 88,350 sf and 31 outside RV & boat parking spaces. The property is located at 6615 N Church Street, Mulberry FL.

New Website

CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE You are going to love the new FAQ's which get directly to the info you need to get started.

Fall Construction

Storage Authority Walters Rd, Houston Texas,, and Storage Authority Monmouth Rd, NJ, have both filled up phase 1 in record time and are planning phase 2 construction for this Fall.

Under Design

Jerome & Geraldine’s land offer was just accepted and the design of their 80,000 sf Storage Authority Facility in Kissimmee, Florida is underway.

Learn more at

Or email or call Josh Parker or Direct (941) 275-1340

Photo of the Month

Photo Of The Month

An overhang to keep customers from getting rained on while they put in their door code, and automatic doors for when their hands are full! Awesome features for this entrance into this brand new climate controlled space!

Storage Authority Land O' Lakes FL

Fun Fact Of The Month

This article by Sean Landry on Inside Self Storage has plenty of tips, but I like this one because it is one we use all the time with our managers- know your facility's features, and tell everyone about how great they are! See the rest of Sean's tips here:

Comic Of The Month

Self Storage Tips and Reminders You Can Use!

Storage Authority's Garrett Byrd's latest article, "The Art of the Self Storage Follow Up" is getting published! You can bet when it is released we'll share it with you! In the meantime enjoy this sneak preview for a couple of key takeaways for maximizing profits through effective follow ups!

Takeaway 1: Timelines Garrett emphasizes that the faster you are with the follow up the more professional your customer perceives you which begins to build trust and confidence with you and your brand. A 5 minute call back is impactful, a 15 minute call back is professional, and a 30 minute call back is mandatory! Takeaway 2: Connecting Garrett explains the top three ways to connect with potential customers when they reach out for information or rental inquiries, and how best to navigate customer interactions on a variety of platforms from email inquiries, to online reservations and rentals. Garrett goes on to cover phone calls and walk ins, call centers and kiosks, and offers tips and tricks along the way. We cannot wait to share the full article with you when it is published

What's holding you back? You can do it! You deserve it!


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Time - It really takes a lot of time to enjoy life. To really make dinner remarkable night after night it takes time to prepare and time to enjoy dinner. First I had to catch the striped bass. GP had to prepare and then we had to relax with a glass of wine as it cooked on the grill! .Marc & GP

One of my motivations is doing my best to genuinely help as many people as I can. The late great Zig Ziglar had a great quote to mirror this philosophy. Garrett

I recently took a Saturday afternoon to relax with my wife and a couple of friends at a Butterfly conservatory! Thousands of butterflies fluttering all around. Always good to take time with friends and try something new! Go adventure!


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