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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Most of us are expecting guests over the holiday season or planning a massive Christmas celebration at home, for that reason we all appreciate some tips and tricks to make Christmas preparations easier for all of us!

Your storage unit will be your best friend during the holidays Instead of adding stress to our to-do list, with the gifts, meals and decorating the house, shift that into motivating you to declutter and use your storage unit for the holidays! Decreasing the amount of clutter in your home by creating a calm atmosphere and providing a safe space for sentimental items that could break easily in the Christmas chaos. Hide presents in your storage unit As parents we all know the struggles during Christmas, it’s that time of the year when your kids are on the hunt for their Christmas presents, and you’ll be surprised at how easily they will find them. If you have lots of presents for family and friends this holiday season, or if your children will find the gifts no matter what! It will be more practical to store in your self-storage unit for the holiday season.

Your Guest list If you love hosting and can’t wait for your guests to arrive for the holidays make sure the guest room(s) are presentable and safe, especially if you have elderly relatives staying with you. Check for anything that could cause them to trip, like small toys, bags or wires, and make sure you can put away valuables, or breakable items guests might knock over on shelves or in cupboards out of reach. Place large items like old furniture, clothes, luggage, boxes and toys in a storage unit to make space for your guests. When you have children visiting, think about childproofing your home and make sure they know the rules, so your family stays safe over the festive season.

A self-storage unit is the safest place to store your belongings. You can rent a small unit for larger items, such as bicycles or furniture.

Christmas storage couldn’t be more straightforward! As you declutter and begin your Christmas preparation, simply place items taking up space in your self-storage unit and when the festive season is over, you can take what you need back home.

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