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The #1 App For Reviewing Self-Storage Land In the Field

by Josh Parker


It is easy to get lost on a piece of land when you're out walking it. The number one feature of this app is that it shows you the boundary lines of a parcel in real-time and shows you with a blue dot exactly where you are.

The number two feature is that it provides you with the land Owner's name and address. This gives you a tremendous head start towards contacting the owner to make an inquiry.

Regrid is available as a mobile app, or it can be used on a web browser. It is a nationwide parcel data app that provides property boundaries, land use information, ownership, and other property information quickly and easily.

Out and about, you can use the mobile app to quickly see properties wherever you are. Once the maps pull up for your current location, you can move them around and click on different parcels of land to view data. Multiple map views are available depending on your subscription level- I've been using the free version, and it offers great info- for free!

I was curious about the 35+ acres behind my house, so I pulled up the app while standing in my driveway. The blue dot on the above screenshot is me. You can see the property lines in yellow, and the one I clicked on to find out more is red. In a matter of about 20 seconds, I had the owner's name and mailing address, land use, and more.

On your computer using a web browser, you can type in addresses and move the map around accordingly to view different parcels, especially useful if you saw something while you were driving or want to see things on a bigger screen after using the app.

Give it a download, sign up for a free account, and check it out for yourself!

Want to learn more about finding land for self-storage? Here is a great article:

If you want to learn more about a Storage Authority Franchise you can request it here or give me a call.

Josh Parker is VP of Technology and Development at Storage Authority. A tech guru with a background in large facility operations and team leadership, Josh is passionate about helping individuals and teams achieve success! He can be reached at, by phone at (942) 275-1340, and can also often be seen visiting local coffee shops across Central Connecticut.

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