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The Secret Sauce for an elite self-storage.

By Marc Goodin There are a ton of books, videos, and seminars on how to develop and operate a self-storage business. In fact, information is available online for almost any investment or career choice. It might be hard to find and screen out what would work for you and what does not work. Step one of the Secret Sauce is finding a lifelong successful self-storage mentor so you don't have to study/research for years. Most people tell me they are not so worried about self-storage sales and marketing but they can not even tell me a dozen items that will make their facility different or how they will be Elite.

What is your step 1 for being able to charge $30 more than your competition for a 10 x 10 unit? Any steps 1- 10. I am happy to share mine. 860-830-6764 or

The real secret sauce is knowing how to read between the lines and getting 1001 things done. Knowing how to Implement Elite operations and Sales & Marketing programs and how to get better every day is the real key.

For example, it is key to get as many 5-star reviews as possible for better ranking on Google and impress potential renters. So hopefully every manager asks for a review at every opportunity they have. The reality is Some clients will and some will not leave a review but many clients will never be asked at all.

If you were part of the Storage Authority Franchise System you would have a plastic card that is the shape and material of a credit card. When scanned by any cell phone camera it will bring it directly to your Google review. When properly used this will more than double your Google views on the spot.




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