Who Should consider owning a Storage Authority Franchise?

By Ed Clement

A Storage Authority franchise is right for anyone who wants to combine the best of three investment opportunities – make a solid real estate investment, own your own business, and operate a franchise -- for example:

Ø Professionals such as doctors, lawyers, and accountants or owners of an existing business – people who want to continue their career, while operating a second business opportunity

Ø Entrepreneurs -- who are looking for an investment with a solid return both in income and in real estate appreciation, now and for years to come

Ø Real estate investors -- who want higher returns than other sectors, including hotel and apartments, without the headaches of typical tenants

Ø Families -- who want a strong income cash flow now, into retirement, and into future generations

Ø Couples -- who want to work together in their own business

Ø Owners of an existing self-storage facility -- who want to take their business to the next level by crushing the local competition and becoming the preeminent hometown self-storage location

The examples go on and on. Let’s discuss your situation and decide how “The Storage Authority Difference” can help achieve your financial and career objectives.

Ed Clement is a franchise director at Storage Authority. One of his passions and responsibilities is helping franchisees find land by sharing how to find land both online and offline. Ed has a strong background in real estate, investment banking and management consulting. He is available at Ed@StorageAuthority.com or 727 946 0745 to answer your questions and share the Storage Authority Franchise opportunity and advantages with you.