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3 extra things I did to be extra

by Josh Parker

Sometimes being EXTRA is a good thing! This week I did three EXTRA things to be EXTRA at self-storage.

1. I purchased red white and blue banners to hang all across the road-facing fencing for the 4th of July. Makes a beautiful and lasting impression.

banner flags for 4th of July
Red White and Blue! Happy 4th of July!

2. Made the bathroom feel warm and welcoming to guests with wall decoration and a trendy cart for extra toilet paper, paper towels, a plant, etc.

a nice painting and a cart for extra supplies
A clean and welcoming rest room let's customer's know you care!

3. Began offering heavy-duty plastic totes for purchase an alternative to traditional cardboard boxes.

heavy duty totes for customers
Customer's love these heavy-duty totes!

I am confident being EXTRA will bring EXTRA profits, and delight customers. What extra things have you tried? Email me- I'd love to hear your ideas!

Want to talk about franchising and why I believe it is the BEST way to do self-storage? Call me! 203-213-7438. Let's talk soon!


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