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Five Tips for Completing a More Thorough Storage Walk-Thru

by Drew Case

As a manager, you want to ensure your facility is always ready to rent. This involves keeping track daily and maintaining the facility during the walk-thru. A thorough and complete walk-thru is a crucial task to maintaining a top notch facility. Think about these tips during your next walk-thru.

1- Work to complete lock actions in the morning so customers are not locked out when they have already paid. It can be frustrating when a customer accesses the gate, then drives to their unit, only to find themselves locked out.

2- Have a cleaning cart with you. This will allow you to easily carry your vacant & delinquent locks, needed reports, cleaning supplies, etc. The faster you can adjust the locks and keep your aisles clean, the better off your day will go. Sometimes later never comes and you want a clean facility all day.

3- Is your head on a swivel? Don’t just stare at locks. Look at the door, gutter, door seal, rope, hasp, decals, aisles, in front of the door, pavement, drains and more. A quick glance will identify more issues than you realize. Keep the facility fresh and free of debris.

4- Complete quick & simple repairs, but document more in depth repairs and forward to owner/maintenance for scheduled repairs. Add notes to the customer file and email or call them for any needed correspondence.

5- Be sure to clean units or schedule to be cleaned ASAP or within 24 hours. Make units available so you can rent online or show a unit to a new customer. Customers should never view a unit needing cleaned.


Keep an eye out for rusted or damaged hasps. Replace as needed. This keeps the facility up to date and avoids any false concerns if a customer were to see a damaged hasp.

Do you want to have a 15 minute call to learn how Storage Authority helps improve the systems, sales, marketing and profits at your existing facility? If you are building from the ground up, let's also review how we help you find land and get your facility designed, approved and built. Please send me an email or call me- no appointment is needed. or 513-582-0125. You can also click the link below to start your journey today:

Drew Case is a Franchise Director for Storage Authority Franchise. He has 30 years of self storage experience at all levels of management. Drew enjoys teaching and training others the various aspects of a successful self storage location by reinforcing policies, programs and procedures. Catch him at a local car show with one of his several classic hot rods.


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