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Life Hack I Wish I Knew Earlier About Retiring Wealthy

by Josh Parker

I used to think that if I could just make a million dollars, I'd be set for life. That I'd be able to retire early and sit by the beach every day. The reality is that a million dollars won't get me very far- at least not with the lifestyle I want.

I want to retire wealthy. I want to be able to live out my retirement comfortably, be able to spoil my loved ones and make them wealthy too. My guess is you do too.

Lifehack: Self-storage + franchising = a lifestyle business & retirement nest egg

Most people do not have the mindset or execution, and will never take the first step. There are plenty of reasons why- the economy, the timing is not right, or they don't have the time, but in the end, those are all just excuses.

The fact is, starting a new venture is like jumping off a cliff. It is not for everyone. However, for the few who do have that mindset and execution, the ones willing to take that leap- franchising is a fantastic way to not just land on your feet but hit the ground running.

If you have the mindset and execution, we have the knowledge and expertise to get you there.

When our CEO Marc Goodin built his first self-storage he was not an expert. He didn't have all the answers, and it wasn't easy. But, he took the leap- and it paid off. Now, here at Storage Authority, we are experts- because we've been there in the trenches developing systems and learning every day what it takes, and how to do it better than anyone else.

The best time to build self-storage may have been 5 years ago, but the second best time is right now. And in 5 years, we'll be saying the same thing. At the end of the day, the best time is when you're ready to take that first step.

Check out our Storage Authority Franchise FAQ's here to find out more. Then send me an email. Let's talk about your future.

Josh Parker is VP of Technology and Development at Storage Authority. A tech guru with a background in large facility operations and team leadership, Josh is passionate about helping individuals and teams achieve success! He can be reached at, by phone at (203) 213-7438, and can also often be seen visiting local coffee shops across Central Connecticut.

If you want to learn more about Storage Authority Franchise Opportunities, you can request a call here


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