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Listening To Your Self-Storage Customer

By Drew Case

Storage Authority Franchise

Listening to your customer is essential to providing great service. There are a variety of situations that you need to listen to your customer, or even better, always listen to your customer!. As much as we believe we already do everything we can or we are correct, we need to understand that there is still an opportunity to learn from customers. Owners and managers need to sift through feedback to identify your opportunities to improve. Feedback may come in the form of online reviews, in person, email or a letter. Sometimes the customer may never reveal what they are thinking. Think about it...Are you open to receiving feedback???

I am sure you have received that one review, read it and then said, "They are crazy! I never said that!". Well, a review is the way the customer felt at the time and chose to tell the world or maybe just you. Your reaction is crucial to learning and growing or at least resolving the issue to help keep that customer. Remember, a customer with a bad experience will tell ten more people. However, a good experience doesn't seem to travel the air waves as far as a bad one.

Let's review a few common themes in self storage.

General maintenance at the facility.  A customer may notify you of a problem. Taking action is crucial to building loyalty. If there is a roof leak, door issue, aisle lighting or other issue with or near their unit, be sure you take immediate action to resolve. Small problems only become larger when you prolong resolving the issue. Repair on your own or schedule a vendor to repair asap. The customer will be happy you did!

Access times to the facility. Customers needing access to their belongings before 8am and after 6pm may not be storing with you. They may be storing with the competitor down the street. It would benefit you to ask potential customers if the access hours suit their needs. If you find that customers need increased access, consider expanding your access hours. Many facilities have done this over the years. 6am-10pm are decent access hours and workable for most people. Rarely would 24/7 be an option to provide. What are your customers saying?

Boxes and moving supplies. Everybody that is storing will be using totes or boxes and other supplies to move into self-storage. Where they get their boxes is up to you! Are you letting each customer know you have boxes for sale or are you assuming they know? Boxes and moving supplies are a great additional revenue source and a convenience for your customer to buy at your location. Listen to determine if your customer is asking for these items.

Truck/Van Rental. Customer may actually tell you they need to get a truck. Since they are already asking you for storage, it's known they have to use something to move in. 1/4 of customers renting a truck are using it to move into some type of storage. Will it be your facility? There are various ways to have a truck/van at your facility available to customers. You could sign up for a program with a provider or purchase one. You will need to review what is best for you if you wish to provide this as a convenience. One stop shopping is a nice benefit. There are a number of factors to consider if you offer truck rental at your facility.

Collecting Rent. Be cordial to your customers even when they are late on payment. Threatening them will only build resentment. Of course you want your rent units and they want to keep their belongings, so be nice to each other and figure out a plan that works for both parties. Determine if there is something going on that is causing them to be late on payment. Yes, there are late fees and the customer must understand that as part of the agreement. Our goal is not to auction their belongings, so determine how to avoid that situation and come to an agreement.

No matter what, the customer providing you feedback is an opportunity to learn. Taking action and responding to their needs is your opportunity to learn and grow to increase your level of service. There will always be reviews that seem far fetched, but it is how they felt at the time. Try not to react right away. Listen to what the customer is saying and see what you can do to add or improve.

Storage Authority's guidance in self-storage development underscores the intricate balance between meeting storage demands and environmental sustainability. By aligning with Storage Authority's principles and leveraging our team's expertise, along with your engineer, architect, and general contractor we can navigate the complexities of impervious coverage with confidence, ensuring the creation of self-storage facilities that are both economically viable and environmentally responsible.

Storage Authority Franchising is all about owning your own local self-storage business, supported by professional systems and expertise. We like to say, "You're in business for yourself but not by yourself." If self-storage is on your mind, don't hesitate to reach out to Drew Case at Direct: 513-582-0125 or to learn more about the Storage Authority Franchise opportunity. Your self-storage journey awaits!

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