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Self Storage Customers Love Single story facilities. here's why!

By Kevin Harless

Yes those three and four story facilities look cool but for a customer a single-story facility is choice number 1 and here's why:

Convenience and Accessibility- Drive up access, allowing a customer to load and unload belongings directly from their vehicle is a no brainer over accessing a facility and using carts to move goods, if carts are even available.

Time Efficiency- Industry observers believe the customer time spent at a single-story storage facility is half that vs a multi-story facility.

Safety and Security- With fewer enclosed spaces and stairwells, add in better visibility and direct access many renters site feeling much more secure at single story facilities.

For these reasons and many more customers prefer single-story facilities. Reach out to Storage Authority Franchise to learn more about how to successful develop your own self-storage franchise.

Contact: Kevin Harless- Development Director Storage Authority Franchise,


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