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The Dog Days of the Summer are here!!!

As we move into the latter stages of summer this is the time to keep your landscaping in top form. Remember your curb appeal is a HUGE part of what sets you apart from your competition. We want to have the "Wow Factor" and when somebody is sitting in traffic in front of your property or stops in for pricing you can make their day memorable.

This gives you the chance to show your creative side and hopefully start great conversations with your tenants. Obtain your rental commitment from your customer because they are comfortable and happy where they are and use that opportunity to share your referral program or ask them to take the time to hit our QR code and leave a review on Google, Yelp, Facebook or whatever platform they use.

Are you the butterfly?

Everybody does not have a green thumb but if you keep your gardens weed free, and remove spent flowers, and water as needed you can make a difference. Remember different features and benefits are important for each person but GREAT curb appeal will make people smile every time!

Now is the time to start planning for the fall as this creates a whole new chance to have fun and create the WOW Factor once again. Focus on the details and your customers will be amazed that your Self-Storage Facility is on its game!

Pumpkin and Mum season are just around the corner!


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