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If I had known this sooner I would have saved so much time looking for land.

By Marc Goodin, CEO of Storage Authority the only self storage franchise.

You never know when you are passing a great self storage property. And even if you think it may be a good site there are so many items for an initial check. You need to check land size, building size, owner info to contact them, topography etc.

With the Regrid app on my phone, I simply turn it on every time I go for a drive. It shows me all the properties around me and the info to get me off to a quick move on or check it out further.

empty retail plaza
This was a next - owned by the university.

In this case, I was driving by a very large empty retail property perfect for a self storage conversion.

Unfortunately, the parcel was recently bought by the university next door. The good news is the app saved me tons of time. Next.


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