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June 2017 Newsletter

 June 2017 Newsletter

Kamal & Pragati S. Site Plan Approved

Kamal & Pragati are excited the Planning and Zoning Board approved their site plans on May 24, 2017. The central New Jersey project consist or 5 single story buildings and 1 two story building for a total of 71,000 square feet. As typical in many towns a couple of more routine approvals have to be provided to the board before the final sign off signatures are provided.  The project will be built in phases with the first phase being is 30,000 square feet. The project is presently being bid as the final approvals are obtained.Early on in the due diligence period the wetlands were delineated and wetlands were more significant than presented in the offering. We were able to determine the project was still feasible  with a reduction in the usable land from 6 acres to 5 acres. Once a new purchase price was negotiated due to the wetlands the project was back on track.

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Storage Authority News

Storage Authority is Excited to Announce 3 New Franchise Locations.

Welcome To Our Newest Franchises John G.

John came on board last week and is excited to get started.  He is looking for land to build a new facility in central PA.

New Company Facility Storage Authority Co founder Scott House has just started the design for the third Storage Authority company store.  It will be located in Lakeland FL on an 8 acre parcel.  Construction for the 75,000 square foot Self & RV facility is slated to start construction late fall.

Existing Franchisee Edward O.

Ed’s offer for 4 acres in Houston was just excepted.  Houston is unique in the sense there are not the typical zoning regulations like most cities.   The 60,000 square foot facility is under design.  The facility will be constructed in two phases and phase 1 construction is slated for late fall.  Often you can purchase part of a parcel for sale reducing your land cost.  That is exactly what Ed did. With our help he was able to negotiate a 4 acre parcel purchase agreement leaving the 2.8 acre balance with the owner.

Vendor News

Storage Authority prides it self on staying on the cutting edge of technology in our industry.  We are proud to be partnering with Spider Door self storage app.  Storage Authority’s platforms and systems are based on high touch and high technology, partnering with Spider Door gives our customers one of the most convenient experiences as possible.

Here are some of Spider Door Technologies Features:

The convenience of a kiosk in your pocket

Move in (24hrs a Day)

Schedule move out

Make Payment

Open Gate from App

Report issue to manager

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