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Salt and pepper is the enemy of your self storage success!

by Marc Goodin CEO of Storage Authority

Salt and pepper is the enemy of Success.

My wife is replacing her kitchen cabinets. My wife GP is an exceptional Chef. She prepares more gourmet meals & desserts in a year than most people do in a lifetime.

She hired an expert designer so she could increase the usable space and get all the neat little extras only a kitchen design pro would know about. The first thing the designer did was open all the doors to see how the kitchen cabinets were used. Not knowing my wife is a chef she was surprised to see it took 3 cabinets to hold all of her spices. ( 3 deep no less)

The average cook uses salt & pepper and maybe one or two other ingredients 95% of the time. A chef uses 20 ingredients regularly and uses dozens more to make mouth-watering meals.

I have opened the cabinets at over 100 self storage and they running on salt & pepper. And They can not even tell you the top 10 spices for self storage.

Here are my top ten for more self storage rentals:


1 Open the door for prospect

2 Ask: Do you know what size unit do you need or can I help you with that?

3 Ask: When will you be needing storage?

4 Show everyone a unit.  If on the phone describe the unit in detail.

5 Call each person by name 3 times

6 Share at least 4 features on tour, Typically, Guaranteed, super clean, and lots of lights and video cameras for your peace of mind.

7Ask for the rental; Overcome concerns and ask for the rental again

8 Sell insurance/lock & boxes to every customer via show and tell

9 Sign every customer up on Auto-pay

10 If the prospect (walk-in, phone or email) did not rent, call them back the next day.

11 Bonus 1:  Obtain a 5-star Google review.

12 Bonus 2:  Memorize and use Our 14 profit scripts to be a renting machine.

If you want my top ten for operations or my top ten for finding land send me an email.

2 gold shovels
A must read iiif you are considering getting into the self storage game.

In case you missed this great blog here On The 7 Keys How Storage Authority Guides You through the development process here is the link:

A real self storage expert would know the top 10 plus the top 100 other procedures that would double their profits. But I get it. There is no time to cook gourmet meals and the food is good enough with just salt and pepper. And 95% of self storage owners do not have the time to double their profits. That is their choice. It is not that hard. Fortunately, this allows you and me to be different and reap all the huge extra rewards life has in store for us.

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Or better yet let’s meet up in Sarasota, FL for a day!

Marc Goodin is the President of Storage Authority Franchising.  The only self-storage franchise. He owns 3 self-storages he designed, built, and manages. He has been helping others in the self-storage industry for over 30 years.  He can be reached at or directly at 860-830-6764 to answer your franchising, development, marketing, sales, and operations questions.  His best-selling self-storage books are available on Amazon.



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