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Looking for Self Storage land takes education & commitment!

From the Desk of Marc, I would love to help 860-830-6764 Storage Authority CEO/Founder, Self Storage Designer, Builder & Owner, Civil Engineer

A lot of learning goes into how to both look for land and evaluated land. To make the process a bit easier we have 5 kick-off zooms to make sure Franchise Owners start with a good foundation.

Storage Authority Getting Started Finding Land Kick-Off Zooms Zoom 1 Land Requirements with Ed Zoom 2 Self Storage Demand & Radius App. Zoom 3 Short Cuts to Finding Land Faster Zoom 4 Meet Josh & the SA Cloud Command Center Zoom 5 The Secret Sauce with Marc Goodin

Each one is about an hour packed with great info and thats just the start of our commitment and finding guidance.

Recently we had two properties that looked great but had to nixed due it wetlands. The good news is we did our own wetland due dilligence so we did not spend time and moeny prepareing a purchaes and sale agreement.

Recently we had a 10 acres parcel priced out of our price range but an early conceptual proved we could subdivided and sell a 2.5 acre lot to reduce the price of the land acquisition.

Recently we had a great nine acre parcel but he zoning regulations only allowed 2 to 5 acres for self storage. But with a great call with the planner the town was willing to work with us. They will not count the detention pond and green areas in the 5 acres.

Recently we had a great parcel we nixed because all the competition was mom and pops charging $90 for a 10 x 10. You really want to get $150 plus for a 10 x 10 non cc for better financials.

Recently we had land that aacording to the general numbers there was to much competition. But after confirming high 10 x 10 nc rental rated in the $190 plus range and not a single unit in the area to rent, and no facilities in the pipe line it was a no brainer this site is a go!

Often you can find site with "defects" that sell for half price. Finding a way to overcome the defects is one great avenue to finding land. Here is a site that was basically a hiilside rasing up about 40 feet above the road. Multiple grading plans were confirgured to reduce the balance the sites cuts and fills better and reduce the ampunt of material to haul off site. Of course, it is important to review the cost of your "defect solution" with your development team to make sure you can meet your budgets and profit goals.

Is self storage in your future? If so lets talk

To Your Success!

Marc 860-830-6764


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