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On the road to finding land for Self storage.

Let Google help you find Land - On The Road Again.

I always enjoyed this song because if I was singing it we were heading out for a vacation. And now for you, it can mean the difference of finding or not finding land.. Finding land is often 1-hour on google roads and 3 hours driving the actual roads. And if you are a go-getter you can double the formula each week for 8 hours a week.

Step 1 - Print a map of your town city and all the towns abutting you..

Step 2 - Highlight all the state and other main roads in one color and the secondary main roads in another color.

Step 3 - Take an hour on google maps. Enlarge the road maps until you can see the lot size and go along each road and locate properties large enough for a self-storage facility. Make the locations and notes on your printed map. You can also check out the earth view to see more land features once you found larger properties.

Sept 4 Drive by each property with the Storage Authority Land checklist and take notes. Some will have for-sale signs for you to call while you are in front of the property to get more information. Others may require you to research who the owner is to send them a letter to see if they would be interested in selling.

Here is an example where you can see a larger (outlined in red) in a sea of smaller lots on google. Google provides a scale so you even estimate the size of the lot. Don't leave finding land up to luck or even your broker. Now is one of the most important times to make sure you are spending at least 5 -8 hours a week on the road looking for land. I would love to help look at any lots you find.


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