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Ready Fire Aim

By Marc Goodin We just had our quarterly development seminar for Storage authority Franchise owners. Dozens of great ideas on how to move forward Swiftly and Smartly in 2023.

Ready Fire Aim. You have heard it before. It rarely works and leads to either quitting or starting over with Ready Aim Fire.

Here are a couple of slides from the presentation - not quite the same without the presentation that goes with all the slides. Let me know if you want a full copy of the development semiar.

We started with the basics - how to find land and how to judge existing competition rental rates to Your new facility.

There are a ton of untraditional ways to find land that can make the difference. Imaging if you handed out ten business cards a day and collected 10 a day for just one month you would add 300 names to you land newsletter.

And of course we had to review 2023 and how the rich and doer's will once again get richer. Are these excusses or can you see the silver lining. More people are going to become wealtthy in the next couple of years while a ton of people continue will be on the sidelines waiting for the "right time" that never comes.

We have several projects going to construction this summer so of course as a team we learned a lot and were able to share ways of getting better all the time.

If you want to hear about these or any self topics lets set up a time to talk. Also if you are not ready to do this on your own, maybe we can help you with a partner?

Marc 860-830-6764


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