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September 2020 Development, News & Profits

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Self Storage Development, News & Profits September 2020 by Josh Parker

Issue # 38

Has the Time Come for the Unmanned, Automated Self Storage Rental Office?

And how you can automate your self storage facility today for more profits. By Marc Goodin

Lease by Phone, Website, or Kiosk vs. Lease by Phone, Website, or Kiosk or With Our Onsite Manager, Which would you choose?

We know self-storage automation to the point that an unmanned rental office is possible because there are more and more unmanned facilities every year.Full rental automation simply requires two major components.  The first is an office manned by a kiosk connected to a good call center. Open Tech Alliance has you covered when it comes to the best self storage kiosks and call centers.  Their kiosks even dispense locks.  Even if you are not going fully automated a kiosk will make you more profits because you will not miss after hours rentals to your competition.  With the recent flood of use due to COVID 19, call centers are on overload. This increased demand has lead to many new hires and a reduction in quality, so it is even more important your well-trained manager answers the phone whenever possible.

Here is the latest Open Tech Alliance kiosk. We require all Storage Authority Franchise self-storage facilities to have a kiosk because they are both a profit center and a backup when a manager is not onsite for any reason.

I love kiosk rentals

The second item required for an unmanned self storage facility is the individual door looks for each individual unit.  Janus International is the leading provider of self storage door locks. The door locks are the major extra cost for an automated facility.  Presently individual door locks cost about $200+_ installed per door.  For a 55,000 net rentable square feet facility, this would be about $100,000.  Not unreasonable when you consider the cost of a manager year after year.  I expect the price of individual door locks will come down significantly in the next 5 years and that they may become standard even for a manned facility………….Read more here: 

The Future is so bright for self storage we have to wear sunglasses.

For sure COVID 19 has changed many things in the world but most people are going back to their old habits of spending money, eating out, going to the beach, and yes, back to work.  The biggest long term impact will be threefold. 1) Many have lost a loved one.  2) For some, their job is gone forever or at least long enough to create a financial nightmare. 3) The population as a whole took a huge step to doing just about everything on the internet.What does this mean for Self Storage?  It means self storage has to come out of the dark ages and learn from the business world.  Not all hotels are created equal, not all coffee shops are equal, not all restaurants are equal, and not all self storages are equal.  For many self storages who were prepared, 2020 will be their most profitable year yet.  Read why here:  Want to learn some of the hows & whys of 2020 profits? Email me!

Which Lock will sell more?  No doubt the Storage Authority lock on the right! Which Lock will make the most profits per lock sold?  No doubt the Storage Authority lock! Which lock will help brand your facility to rent more units? Right again the Storage Authority Lock!

Not to pick on the competition but it is time to learn the retail business.  Everyone loves to buy on sale.  In our case, it is easy to see the retail price and the huge “on sale” sign.   Plus we assume the sale, have a lock script, and we sell a lock to just about everyone unless they walk into the office with their disk lock in hand.

Scarcity is one of many selling options.  And is best done without the manager having to say much to the customer.  And even customers know not to even expect a discount or special!

 Or email or call Josh Parker or Direct 203-213-7438

Photo Of The Month

One of our managers painted this Eagle on our front window for the 4th of July.

Window painting is one more way to make your facility stand out!

Fun Fact Of The Month

Comic Of The Month

Development Tips and Reminders

Once your land offer is accepted you need to move full speed ahead, but before you make an offer here are the basics:

Pre offer:

Item                                                                                                    Findings

Confirm zoned for Self-Storage & list permits and approvals required Confirm land size is suitable for the proposed sq. ft. Confirm demand is needed via a mini demand study. Confirm Zoning building front yard, side yard & Rear yards Confirm landscape setbacks and requirements. Confirm Architectural requiem Confirm impervious area coverage limits Confirm Building coverage limits Confirm water & Sewer is available along your frontage and has capacity. Review existing wetland mapping Review existing endangered species mapping Walk site (preferable with your civil Engineer) to observe slopes, easements, wetlands etc.

Make an offer:  Coming next month

First steps of your due diligence: Coming soon

Franchise Defined……. The mutually beneficial relationship that exists between franchisors and franchisees makes franchising unique in the world of business. While franchising does provide opportunities, it does not create miracles. Franchisees and Franchisors combine knowledge and resources with entrepreneurial drive and spirit to form a business relationship unique to franchising. Franchising is a field of expanding economic opportunity in which each and every person can play a part based on talent, initiative, and dedication. The number one reason people choose a Franchise over doing on their own is because of the rewards and benefits they typically would not have on their own.

What’s holding you back?  

You can do it!  You deserve it!


          ARE YOU READY?

If what the other guy is doing is normal I vote for Not Normal!

Click Here if you want us to email you information on self-storage development basics and the steps to becoming a Storage Authority Franchise.Do you and your team have a plan to be prepared to get approvals? Don’t leave things up to chance check out this link:

Because together we can make it happen!

It has been a long time since it was about money.  Now it is about the many freedoms and choices that self storage has and continues to bless us with.  Just think half the time I don’t know what time I go to bed or what time I wake up.  Is so simple – go to bed when tired and wake up when done sleeping – no clocks or phones in the bedroom.  And I am motivated to make it happen for you!  Marc

Garrett’s Motivation outside of Storage Authority is Sarasota, FL sunsets with the family.  There is nothing more decompressing than taking in the sounds from the ocean while the sun is setting and getting to enjoy family time together.

I love a good beach vacation!  Recently, I found this old postcard in my storage unit and I was reminded of our beach vacations growing up. Now I get to enjoy relaxing vacations with my kids and make new memories.  Self storage makes enjoying family time so much easier because I have more time and more money to do the things I love! Let’s go!


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Josh Parker Storage Authority Vice President of Technology & Development 

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