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Storage Authority September 2017 Newsletter

September 2017 Newsletter

The Storage Authority proprietary “Dynamic Ease Development Series”Makes the Difference!  

Many franchisees want to take advantage of additional profits by building their own self storage vs. buying an existing self storage. This route also allows new franchisees to get started with less than half the cash capital investment.  The problem is they do not know how to started.  It can be a complex maze between finding the right parcel of land, banking, design, obtaining regulatory approvals, construction and pre opening marketing and preparations, with minefields, delays and cost overruns at every turn.  Marc Goodin, our founder, has learned self storage by being in the trenches and ready to personally guide you..  He is a professional engineer who designed his first self storage over 30 years ago and many more since then, including 3 personal self storage he designed, built, owns and manages.

We have created the Storage Authority proprietary “Dynamic Ease Development Series” Finding Land Through Pre-Opening Tasks. This system along with our one on one guidance helps our franchisees get started faster, go around the minefields, save money and be ready to open with a modern premium facility ready to rent up.  Our Strategic Development system consists of an integrated step by step process where our expertise provides guidance and support throughout the land discovery and development phases.

Here are just some of the areas our Dynamic Ease Development Series make easy:

Table of Contents

Chapter 1      Introduction A     Building You High-Performance Team B     First 30 Days C     Development flow charts D      Chapter 1 Worksheets

  1. Storage Authority Competition Review.

  2. Storage Authority Developer Secret Shop Review.

  3. Storage Authority Partial Designer and Vendor List

Chapter 2     Land A      The Basics of a Good Location B      Typical Basic Land Requirements C      Hiring a Quality Broker to Assist You with Finding Land D     Additional Ways to Find Land E     Initial Land Review Prior to An Offer or Feasibility Study F       Making the Offer & Due Diligence G      Feasibility Study H      Chapter 2 Worksheets

  1. Example letter for contacting a land owner.

  2. Questions for first meeting with town planner & staff.

  3. Individual land parcel info worksheet.

  4. Site drive by worksheet.

  5. Initial zoning review worksheet.

  6. Land offer worksheet.

Chapter 3   Purchasing an Existing Self-Storage Facility A      Seven Primary Steps of a Real Estate Transaction. B      Investigating an Existing Facility

Chapter 4   Banking/Lending A      Loan Options B      Loan Considerations C      Often Over Looked Expenses D      Chapter 4 Worksheets

  1. Loan request summary

Chapter 5   Design & Regulatory Approvals A      Finding Design Consultants B      Site Plan Design C      Regulatory Meetings D      Building Design E      Security Design F       Video Surveillance Design G      Chapter 5 Worksheets

  1. Additional Site Plan Design Items to Consider.

  2. Additional Building Design Items to Consider.

  3. Site Details

  4. Owner to do during the Design process.

Chapter 6   Bidding and Construction A      Finding a Contractor B      Construction Specifications & Bidding C      Construction Review

Chapter 7   Pre-Opening Preparations A      120 Prior to Opening B      30 Days Prior to Opening C      Pre Opening Marketing D      Chapter 7 Worksheets:

  1. First product order

  2. Managers book table of contents

  3. Business cards & marketing cards

We look forward to explaining more about how this optional premium development service will help you build your facility for less money and in less time with confidence. The great news is our president, Marc Goodin, has allowed me to waive the $50,000 fee for this premium service for qualified franchises awarded in the next 60 days.

Check out the Vendor Highlights below to read more about the development land mines!

If you want to learn more about Storage Authority there is a wealth of information on our website  Don’t forget to check out “Why Storage Authority” and our blog/newsroom. Then the next step is to apply on our website or email or call Garrett Byrd ( or Direct 941-928-1354)

Vendor Highlights

Inside Self Storage Trade magazine and website provides a wealth of Self Storage information!

The first recommendation we give to everyone exploring the self storage business opportunity is to order the ISS trade magazine, to learn many self storage basics.  At the site, you can also enter any topic in the search bar and you find a host of articles to help you get the answers you need.  If you type in our founders name, Marc Goodin you will find several articles on finding land, design, construction, and marketing you will find very useful.

Here are some highlights of Marc’s article “5 Development Disasters Waiting to Happen” in the September 2017 issue of the ISS magazine:

There are many things that often go wrong during the development and construction of a self-storage facility. Franchising helps to avoid the pitfalls trusting in the expertise and guidance of the franchisor.  Marc Goodin (President of Storage Authority) is a civil engineer at trade and has been designing and building self storage facilities the last 25 years, that’s experience you can trust in.   Storage Authority helps and assists the franchisee to examine some of the key difficulties that often go unpredicted by owners and developers, that often create significant cost overruns, lengthy delays and even project shut downs that could have been avoided with the proper research, planning, and design. The most overlooked disasters occur because of poor or incomplete investigations or lack of understanding of the following categories:

 1 Initial investigations

2 Environmental issue

3 Permits/approvals

4 State Department of Transportation (DOT)

5 Site Plan & Architectural Design

6 Budgets

7 Construction With Storage Authority franchising you get the guidance and expertise first hand.

If you haven’t already, here is a link to subscribe to Inside Self Storage.


Self Storage Industry News

*The U.S. self-storage industry generated more than $32.7 billion in revenues last year, almost three times Hollywood’s 2016 box office gross. In many cases, self storage is far more lucrative than conventional real estate investments. For example, the average cost of a U.S. self-storage locker was 97 cents per square foot per month in 2016 — roughly the same as the average one-bedroom apartment in Phoenix. In more expensive cities, self-storage rents are two or three times larger. * BloomBerg View

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The Self Storage growth story is driven by several factors, starting with the relentless accumulation of goods by American consumers. Our industry also thrives on disruption, serving as a temporary resting place for the stuff of the deceased, the recently divorced, the downsizers and the dislocated.


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